im sorry

How old am I again? 23? So why do people my age still act like they’re in high school? Drama is inevitable, and though we cannot change others, we do have the power to change ourselves, our actions, and our views. Some people just refuse to take the high road….

I mean, someone’s saying “oh she wants to kick my ass.” and another says, “eww that bitch didn’t even say hi.” And yet another says, “he has no respect.” and still another complains, “his ex gf is crazy.” Another person is saying, ” She’s so much drama.” and another echo saying “she’s talking shit.”

Isn’t it crazy how some people just get under your skin? But why? Why let them? I mean, things happen for a reason and people come in and out of your life. Remember, “don’t spend major time with minor people.” Some people will hold on, and go out of their way to make you uncomfortable. Why? So they can temporarily feel a win in the emotional warfare they like to play. But don’t they know that this takes away from the value of their life? The more time you spend brooding over others, and taking time to hate, the less time you have to add quality to your life. There are people around you who will be there for you through thick and thin…. and others will just pass in the night. Why keep the negative around you? There are so many other things to worry about… So much to see and do in life. Take a step back and look around you because the world is beautiful. LET THE BEAUTIFUL IN.

For no one in particular, but for all those who still wish to play that game… I’m sorry.

I’m sorry…
… because you’re insecure and in turn, try to make others feel insecure
… because you were born ugly, and no amount of make-up, new clothes, or hair dye can change that.
… because you’re rude and dont have the balls enough to say HI.
… because I dont like you, and I’m not going to apologize for it.
… because I’m happy and you’re not.
… because you CAN’T GET OVER IT.
… because no matter what happens, I’m still on top.
… because seriously, you need to get over yourself.
… because regardless of what you think, I’m better than you.
… because your parents didn’t teach you to be respectful – to yourself and to others
… because you just dont know when to stop
… because you care too much of what other people think.
… because you’re fake, and you dont have the strength to find the real you.
… because you burn bridges and can’t repair them.
… because drama follows you, but you bring it on yourself.
… because you refuse to grow up.

For others being a good person is a way of life, a deep spiritual understanding that everything one does in their daily life is beneficial to others around that person. For you, its a superficial, “look at me and what i try to do and say.” You’re a fake and a flake and I only wish that God grants you the strength to change


  1. NicoleMaire · July 23, 2009

    damn girl i feel you so hard on this.

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