so, i’ve been told that i eat like an obese man.. maybe thats why i’m fat.. but oh well. I dont care. I love food.

Food is something that you must have the utmost appreciation for, because its something so simple, that can seriously change your day around. For those of you who know me, know that good food = good day. To appreciate something thats so integral to your daily life, leads the way to appreciate the bigger things in life – like shopping and new shiny shoes. hahaha

For my fellow heffers, hope the mention of the following list of some of my favorite things makes you hungry:::

cajun shrimp from Cha Cha Cha
S-1 (BBQ chicken) from Thai BBQ
chicken wings and Sangria from Hooters
Garlic Shrimp, Roti, And Mango and Sticky Rice from Bangkok Garden
Shrimp Scampi from Giovanni’s Aloha Shrimp Truck
Banana Nut Mac Pancakes from Boots and Kimos
White Chocolate Kona Coffee shortbread cookes from honolulu cookie co
Sisigsilog and Coco Chacha from Ihaw Ihaw
Caterpillar Roll from Hiros Sushi
Butterfish, Macadamia Mahi Mahi, and Chocolate Souffle from Roy’s
Garlic noodles and roast crab from Crustaceans/thanh Long
Lobster Tail, and the petit filet from Ruth’s Chris Steak House
Hush Pups and Bucket of Trash from Bubba Gump’s
Galanga Beef, and the peanuts at Betelnut
calamari at Cheesecake Factory
super beef suizas from La Tapatia or Don Picos
shaking beef, caramlized tiger prawns from Slanted Door
Poki from anywhere
Oreo pizookies, and those santa fe rolls from BJ’s
the bread from Red Lobster
the Bread, the sweet potato and the prime rib at Texas Roadhouse
Vanilla Cream Puffs from Beard Papa
FRESH Krispy kreme donuts
flaming hot LAYS, FRITOS, and CHEETOS
white chocolate anything
Clam chowder from Fish Hopper
Garlic Cheesey Bread, Oysters Rockafeller, and Calamri from Fish Market
Costco Churros
Pepperoni Pizza from Blondies
hot dogs w/ the spicy onion sauce from those corner stands in the city
Moon Cake from my Daddy
Kare Kare from Mike’s Mommy (w/ spicy bagoong)
Avocado Smoothies from that place in Serramonte
funnel cake!
Garlic Fries from the ballpark

man, I could go on and on and on and on. I’m hungry now. BTW, Can’t wait for Melting Pot to open on fillmore. mmm.

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