I ♥ NY

So, one day in mid-February..I get an email – its Travelzoo’s top 20, and Jet Blue is offering a sale from Oakland to JFK for $99……. I forward this info to my best friends:
me: hey we can fly to ny on jet blue for only $99
cat: so when are we going?
me: are you forreal?
queenie: i’m down

So, Cat, Queenie and I meet for lunch at Nordy’s Cafe and the subject comes up again…
me:.. Its a one day sale – today, and we have to travel by march
cat:.. ok, how about march 9-12?
queenie: sounds good to me
and THAT my friends, was the begininng of our impromptu, whirlwind weekend to NYC.

Friday night, we took the redeye from San Jose… I guess the wheel had to be replaced so we were delayed about 20 minutes…..It was then, where Cindy, innocently told us about the video for bebot….. u know?.. BEE-BOT… lol!.. We get to JFK at 8 am on Sat morn and take the AirTrain to the Train Station

We get there only to realize this ride is NOT FREE, and we must purchase our metro cards to exit.

We get on the subway in Queens, where JFK is located, and its empty!.. As we roll by the stops, the train gets packed with people… So much so we could barely breathe… Plus, I had my bulletproof makeup case…. or was it my bone density scanner?

Broadway/Nassau is our stop on the A Train, and we check into the Millenium Hotel….. Its directly across the street from the World Trade Center.

We had a little breakfast, had our first encounter with a rude New Yorker, and headed out

Since we are so close to the WTC, that’s our first stop… It was such a humbling, powerful experience… I relived it 5 years later in the eyes of New York… I cried.

We decided to start walking…… Walked towards Soho, and found a Dunkin Donuts… The longest standing inside joke with the boys….. “I wanna be dunkin donuts..”


On our way over to Canal street…

We’re here!.. lets go SHOPPING!

We found some nice things, and some not so nice things…..Did a little more walking


Ended up in Soho……. MORE SHOPPING!..

We also finally found a Gray’s Papaya!.. Finally!.. saved our asses some money.

Took the 4 back to the hotel and got ready for our 10pm reservations at Peep in Soho.

Ordered lot.. of drinks….. Splits, and lychee mojito’s did the trick for me

Had a wonderful dinner, and then it was off to our next destination….. We split up after this…. it was raining, and sooo hard to find a damn cab! Also met up with Nate, an old friend who’s been out in NY for a couple years.


Sunday woke up bright and early to start our day…. We wanted to go to Grand Central Station first, and couldn’t figure out how to get there by train, so we decided to take a cab instead.

We get to Grand Central….. its gorgeous!

Had lunch @ Grand Central, and then headed over to the rock. I totally dont get these “No Standing” signs…. is this for people?..

We passed Times Square on the way


Rockafeller Center and Top of the Rock… It was windy!.. and cold!

Took the train to Nolita to eat some clamhouse, and then back to the hotel to get ready for the night.

After getting ready, back in the train station to hit up times square… Also met up with my Bff’s sister.

had a very late dinner at the Hard Rock cafe…. with more drinks and more food.

Walked Times Square to find a place to hang out….. and ended up at Tonic Bar for the night……. From SF to LA,.. we’re still drunk in NY… MMMMMSUP!

And did I mention we had a few more drinks?!…. ok, a lot more drinks?!?.. we even got STUPID DUMB AND HYPHY!..



Monday morning, no one got up early enough to do anything productive…… Drunk asses!…… Hung over, we head out of our hotel and have some lunch…. Sushi!

Did a lil more walking, and lil more shopping,

Took a cab from our hotel to JFK, and that was the WORST CAB RIDE EVER!!!…. I swear, I wanted to suka, and was honestly scared for my life!.. We FINALLY make it to JFK, in one piece… only to sit behind the devil child from Hell on the plane ride back home.


Our trip was soo good,… soo much fun.. i love traveling with the loves of my life… Next time Jet Blue has another $99 sale, its ON AND CRACKIN! We had a blast, but it definitley wasn’t enough time… We were just falling in love with the city, when we had to leave……. Till we meet again…

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