always making plans for the future, and always being surprised by the present. -paulo coelho

perpetually absent is my mind. wavering thoughts of tomorrow weaken my ability to appreciate today. sun shine is temporary making my temperment wary to the what if’s of lIFe. he says surrender to fate. but ego is too large to relinquish control. blessings came three-fold yesterday but my smile is half-genuine. agony and agnst set me apart from the happiness i crave..perfect life..perfect me. running parallel to the me that i wanna be. overwhelmed beyond recognition my lungs expand to take in the smoke from my capri. still my mind runs away to the tomorrow i worry of today. confidence is limited with each puff, hope diminishes. Stress is my two-faced friend .pushing me to strive for more yet taking away the happiness that is so close.just beyond reach.

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