i swear sometimes i think i’m bi-polar.

yesterday at this time i thought i wouldn’t amount to anything. right now, at this very second, i feel like i’m a big shit. i’m the baddest bitch you’ll ever meet. or maybe just a bitch. =) and yet, despite my oddly hypocritical feelings of myself, i am truly amazing.. (really i am) and so are you. WE ARE BOTH FLAWED AND FABULOUS AT THE SAME TIME. aint that some shit? so i’m right when i tell myself that its not good enough, because sometimes it isn’t, and i’m right when i tell myself i’m the shiet, because sometimes i am. and my ridiculously unrealistic views of perfection are just that – unrealistic. but my ridiculusly unrealistic views of my nothingness are just that as well – nothing! so we are somewhere in the middle of where we wanna be and where we’re afraid to be…. and thats ok. thats fuckin GRAND! its the crux of life, and its wildly entertaining ain’t it?

“You dont have to control the chaos to enjoy the peace within.” – now if only i whole heartedly believed that all the time… but right now, i absolutely-without-a-doubt concur.

I wish you peace, I wish you joy, and I wish you the grace to discover how wonderful you already are.

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