hawaii was the fuckin shit. lets recap


– first stop. ZIPPYS. “I’ll have the chili and rice. no beans. w/ onions and cheese please.” lmao.
– next stop. leonards! omg malasadas are the shit
– what do you wanna do now? lets hit the beach
– 60 cents to blow up the floatie at the ABC store.
– why is that dude putting bread in the water? there’s no birds here. haha!
– dana! slide off the wall w/ your floatie. GO!
– jas, “i like the big waves.” SWOOOOOOOOSSSSHHHH!!!!
– the water hurts my eyes, but i can’t rub them bc of my makeup. lmao!
– lets get ready for dinner
– duke’s HULA PIE. omg lets get 2.
– “do you like to save money? or spend money.” “we like to save our own, and spend other people’s.”
– “there’s somethng going on downtown.” “where’s downtown? do we have to drive?” “no” “so we can walk?” “no.” WTF?
– 88 Tees. omg i like their bags.
– fucking lolas. lets just sleep. i’m tired.


-8 am wake up call
– eww these musubi’s have too much rice
– how do we get to kailua?
– where the fuck is boots and kimos? THERE IT IS!
– banana mac nut pancakes please.
– lets go kailua beach
– omg the sand feels like velvet
– is that a turd?
– i want shave ice!
– wait, the car wont get out of park. am i dumb? do i not know how to drive?
– fucking enterprise and their stupid chevy aveo
– woohoo jeep wrangler!
– north shore here we come
– why are the rocks stacked? thats some blair witch shit
– where are we?
– these chips are like crack
– giovannis! lets stop! do you think they see us? HONK HONK
– i wanna see turtles. off to turtle bay
– there’s no fucking turtles here. lets swim anyways
– ok, lets go north shore now.
– waimea. no parking
– damn these waves are strong
– wanna go to a luau?
– wtf is that sound? is that a cockroach?!?!
– lets go 7-11 for some tampons real quick. oh and some twix
– “huh, i tink you’re pretty.”
– how do you put these damn windows back on?
– AAAAHHHHH! the plastic window is folded in half. hahahahahaa!!!!
– lets split a bottle of priv?
– belvedere too?
– “excuse me miss? are you pregnant?” wtf, i’m also sleeping!

Sunday –

– swap meet sucks
– in4mation
– ala moana shopping
– gotta bring janice to holiday inn. there’s a holiday inn?
– ok where the hell is she?!
– ready for the luau at 345
– cousin trina on the 6 bus. ALRIGHT!
– so glad ro’s here. or else who would take our pictures?
– brown eyes and conch boy
– first one in line for the food
– look @ his tattoo. *sigh*
– lets take a picture
– let me put you to bed bed bed
– knocked the fuck out
– what are we doing now? sleeping. fucking lola’s


– 7 am wake up call
– mcdonalds breakfast. portugese sausage, spam, rice, and eggs. oh and an iced coffee
– can we go parasiling @ 9?
– we’re picking up P. Hilton. no relation
– omg thats a big bitch
– who’s riding with who? we’re tandem
– omg we’re fucking hella high right now
– baker almost drowned my ass
– omg i’m getting sick. “jump in the water.” I CAN’T SWIM!
– off to hanauma bay
– lets pick up Terry with our picnic lunch. what? we have a picnic lunch?
– do we have to watch the video?
– omg i need a floatie. janice has to blow it up for me. haha!
– how the hell do you work this snorkel?
– omg why are we so far from the shore? LETS KEEP GOING. lets not.
– i’m kicking my feet, but i’m not going anywhere. lol.
– there’s no BBQ here?
– damn janice and jas are still in the water?
– i’m gonna yak, where’s the garbage can? omg RIGHT NOW
– lets go eat
– mmm this chicken is ORGASMIC!
– i can’t have the ahi. stop eating it in front of me!!!
– here comes security. again! want some beer?
– red bull and vodka?
– cliff diving! but we’re in between people’s houses?
– omg you’re fucking crazy
– can’t even get back on the cliff.! just let the waves bring u up.
– are these girls fishing?
– dinner reservations are for 8 pm
– 88 tees again
– damn i’m dark. and all i have to wear is a white dress. SHIT.
– dyna “omg its top! at like 600 pounds!” HAHAHH!
– we’re hella late. damn filipinos
– the chef was alright. we hella didn’t eat
– dynamite.!
– George, i dont understand your pidgin!
– redlion tonight guys. Broke ass monday. $1 drinks
– the bay is in the house!
– damn the only two people on the dance floor is me and dyna
– wtf is this guy DOING? and WEARING?!
– omg the shoes are not cute. -200 points
– fuckin TOSSED
– lets swim. its 3 am. so??
– “yeah you can swim. about 10 yards that way.” “enjoy your 10 yards.” lol!
– walmart!!!


– zippy’s and leonards again
– gotta return the car. lets take a limo to the airport
– damn we got HELLA extra shit
– delayed flight
– slept all the way home

*sigh*. still daydreaming about the beaches while at work. planning the next trip. perhaps next month?

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