bag ladyy…

Current mood: i need to clean this shit out

after seeing what Ms. Tina Gano got in her goodie bag, i thought i’d share with you what i got in mine…. thank you tina for giving me something to do on a friday while i’m pretending to work!

bag – black and white checkered thing from Metropark. because i love it, and i havent used another bag since i got it.. oh and i can stop traffic with it. right Queen?

wallet – black and white checkered thing by L.A.M.B. long story on how i got it, but i wanna thank Adonis for making it hapen. *applause*

“The Year of the Fog” by Michelle Richmond — because if i’m not reading anything, i feel like i get stupider by the second. hence, the reason why i’m going back to school.. so what if its just for photography? btw, this book is REAALLY good. pick it up.

checkbook – for those bills that just cant be paid online, or with a cc. plus they disney so they’re cute.. yezzir

canon sd40 – im a camera whore. and i know it.

charger and usb connection for the camera – my imac for some reason isnt reading my camera when i plug it in, so my computer at work has been storing my shit since….

waterproof case for the camera — because last week i was swimming and i had to get those water shots. best investment ever. (when ur frollicking at the beach in the bahamas, ull think so too)

bills, bills, bills – i need to win the damn lotto

receipts up the yin yang – because i’m a fuckin shopaholic!

tat wax – for the fresh ink which i need to get touched up. ryan! make me an appt!!!!!!!!

johnsons hand lotion – fuck the ash! gah-ross!

makeup necessities – carmex, lipgloss, and eyeliner. because i just NEVER know where i’ll end up. brad pitt just MIGHT show up to my work with his 854 kids and ask me to travel the world with him. and its not a good look when i’m straight bagong gising.

capris menthol and a sagittarius lighter – true life. i’m a smoker.

iphone – MY LIFE. pictures, email, music, contacts, calendar, internet, games, maps, news, aim. sheesh this thing should be superglued to my hand. steve jobs is a fuckin genius and has made it possible for my-so-called-life to fit in the palm of my hand. AND for making it so my chinese ass never has to get lost again. grassy-ass.

bluetooth headset – pointless because i dont even know how to connect that shit with my iphone, so i just put it on speaker if i’m driving.

keys – 2 house keys, 2 car keys, 1 work key… gave away the key to my black heart a looooooong time ago. (so tender.. puso mo ha.)

sunglasses – because im a stunna… thought u thought. and i reeeeally want those louis ones, but i aint about to spend $600 on shit that’ll break in my bag. so maybe i’ll just steal em from derrik?

fiji water — i prefer the agua that comes from an island over the kind that comes from the faucet.

and last but not least… (drumroll please..)
a FORK! – because real talk, i’m a mufuckin heffer and i dont even care. im currently craving cajun shrimp, and chantilly puffs. wtf?

and ta-muthafuckin-da. its a wrap! there’s my bag. get ur own.


  1. tee · November 14, 2008

    DUDE I think I bummed a capri off you a long time ago and you were like “are you suuure?” and i was such a fiend at the time that I said yes and felt like I wasnt smoking at all!

    hahah i’m glad i helped give you something to do at work! =)

  2. dyna · November 14, 2008

    girl u crazy!

  3. .kiki. · November 14, 2008

    oh my fabulous rachel with a fork in her fantastic bag!!!…hahaha…you make me laugh….i want to go back to school and take photography too…let me find a job first and i’m with you on that!!!!…hahaha….i miss you lady!!!!…i make sure to remind ryan about making you an appointment so you can just come over!!!!!

    and ps….NO MORE DRAMA….

    ” there’s my bag. get ur own.” IT SHOULD BE….. “there’s my girlfriend. get ur own.”..

    haha…why am i such a bitch….because i’m in the GHETTO GIRLS GANG WITH RACH!!!..haha…love and miss you!!

  4. queenie · November 14, 2008

    [view 23] hahaha. i love it! i was quite entertained. and i didnt say you can stop traffic. you can however flag people down at the end of the race! you declare the winner. LMAO! and yes, i want to steal derrik’s LV’s too. lucky bastard! that shit is going to maui with me. mwahahahahaha!

  5. 6ee · November 14, 2008

    haha so very entertaining!
    “…and its not a good look when i’m straight bagong gising.”
    HAHAHAHA fob!
    LOL j/k I FEEELL YOU!!

    btw, my friend isnt an actual photographer.. he was the only boy out with us that day so we bombarded him w/ our cameras and told him to take pics of us girlies.. haha! BUT i do know a lot of photogs.. let me know if u want their contact.

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