a woman’s right to shoes

Current mood: fiending for the “new shoe” smell

“you only have 2 feet. why do you need so many shoes?” –daddy

Shoes are not JUST shoes. they are…in 4 words.. sex in a box. Mind numbing, spine tingling, decadent SEX IN A BOX.

i discovered my passion for shoes at an early age..when having my first pair of light-up L.A. Gears made me feel like the flyest, illest, lil girl in the world! Since then i’ve realized that retail therapy really does cure just about anything… (shopaholic to the max i tell u). And throughout my therapy sessions i’m always finding myself more and more in the shoe department. Ive also noticed that upon meeting someone new, i look straight down at their footwear… i’ve lusted after black patent leather, green canvas, yellow polka dots, espadrilles, cork, bows and straps and you can see my conquests in the closet.

plain and simple.. i’m a shoe girl. i aint one of those who will put a 2nd mortgage on my house just to have the latest pair of manolos, but i AM one of those who will buy a pair of shoes that i might never wear “just because.” i believe you can never have too many shoes. EVER. i also believe that your shoes make your entire outfit!!

for example..lets take the simple staple outfit of skinny jeans and a wife beater and go through the shoe choices.

1. flip-flops or gladiators and ur ready to lounge in the backard for a bbq
2. vans (but they look like sneakers) and ur ready to go grocery shopping
3. those dunks that you’ve been eyeing, and lets go to “doin it in the park” this weekend
4. strappy espadrilles and your ready for lunch at your favorite restaurant
5. t-strap peep toes and lets go to the club!
6. knee high boots and ur ready for a night on the fuckin town.

So thats a 6:1 ratio for shoes/clothes. And you need as many shoes as you do moods depending on how you FEEL.. correct!?According to a recent study by ShopSmart magazine, the average American woman owns 19 pairs of shoes, 15% owning 30 or more pairs. 19 pairs of shoes! try 19… times like 25… I got shoes that are just like my “skinny jeans”… just a half size too small, but i wont get rid of em bc they are just waay too fabulous.

so whatever. call it ridiculous. call it an obsession… im a firm believer in a lot of things… one of them being a woman’s right to shoes.

Life is one big road with lots of signs… i would just rather walk through it with a fabulous pair of peep toes on my feet…

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