Current mood: like an amazing cow.

i’ll be the first one to tell you that i’m a fuckin heffer. real talk, i eat like an obese man. fuck the non fat-low fat- low sodium- sugar free-100 calorie pack-bullshit. im the kinda girl who will get a western burger with bacon and avocado, sour cream and chive fries, a vanilla malt, and then wash it down with a brownie for dessert… and STILL be hungry 2 hours later.

my weight has always fluctuated… from about 100 lbs my freshman year of high school, to 160 lbs at my last day pregnant.. But at every single pound in between, i LOVED me. frankly, i gives a fuck what a hater gotta say about how i look… wether or not my thighs thunder harder than yours, or my muffin top bangs outta my jeans wider than hers.. or whatever the fuck ever the topic of the day is REALLY dont matter to me.

the only thing that ever mattered to me is how i felt in my own skin.

in our narcisistic world, a woman who is just slightly larger than the average woman, doesnt get pegged as “slight to moderate chub.” instead, she gets pegged as “a gigantor whale.” to further elaborate, every female thinks that ANY female who is larger than they are is automatically FAT. dont lie. in many people’s eyes, a woman who is not thin, is fat. period.

the average american woman, in all her averageness, is well into “fat” territory. she teeters on the brink of plus sizes and probably has some flesh that isnt rock solid. while the average woman you know (and every damn female i know) falls within the “healthy” bmi range, she probably thinks she’s fat and hates herself for it–and plenty of strangers -err haters- definitely think she’s fat and hates her for it.

meanwhile, in an effort to be “polite” women both fatter and thinner than she is will repeatedly tell her she’s NOT fat.. but they aint there when her boyfriend pinches her belly and says she could use a couple sit ups. they also aint there when she orders soup, salad, pasta, and dessert, and the waitress looks at her like she ordered a dead baby on a plate. and WHY do thin girls complain about the size of their thighs assuming she’ll relate, cuz well..obviously…..

this “average american woman wears a size 14” bullshit dont mean SHIT to a woman who feels like she dont make the cut. the next time some barely chubby woman complains about being fat, and your kneejerk response is to tell her that she aint, consider for just a minute that maybe- just maybe- she’s heard from about 1,000 other sources that she IS, in fact.. FAT. fatty fat fat.

telling a woman there is nothing wrong with her body, and telling a woman she is not fat, is NOT the same thing. the probelm is not wether u are or arent officially “fat”.. but its all the negative connotations that the word “fat” brings to the table…which would then automatically mean that there IS something wrong with her body.

it took me a looong while to realize that nobody and no body is perfect. so the fuck what if your boobs are bigger, your bff’s stomach is flatter, your cousin’s thighs are thinner, and your fucking sister’s ass is nicer… because i got a man and the best damn girlfriends who love me JUST THE WAY I AM. no, let me rephrase. I LOVE ME, JUST THE WAY I AM. make sense?

it takes a strong woman to embrace themselves, their body image, and be proud of who they are, and who they aren’t. lets help each other get to that point. quit drinkin your haterade and give ups to that female who actually likes the way she looks… be comfortable in your own skin.

“who gives a fuck what a hater gotta say”…even if she says i’m a whale (though i just had a damn baby and STILL look better than she do.)

for a moment there i forgot that no matter how much i like myself, other people will always be happy to hate me.

fuck it.

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