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ape – they call you a-forreal cuz you the mutha fuckin truth.

someone once told me that if i lowered my expectations i’d be a much happier person. but the problem is that i have a point of reference that i grade those who come into my life against.

don’t get me wrong, i’m not the type to excessively judge others critically. however, i will admit that i am highly selective in who i choose to spend time with. and why shouldn’t i? between life and work i hardly have the time to even breathe.

ok so whats the point of all this rambling? because we are truly blessed when we come across people who accept us for who we are; but because of them we aspire to be better versions of ourselves. i can honestly say that i have been blessed to have experience this through numerous people. the dilemma from this situation is that once you meet truly great people, you can’t ever go back to just mediocre.

i guess in a sense, ignorance is bliss. maybe if i never came aross great people i’d settle for company that was just average since i wouldn’t know what truly good company felt like. its like settling for benihana once you’ve had nobu. or driving a lincoln once you’ve test drove the benz.

so my point is this: don’t settle. i know at times we become complacent with what has been given to us. we spend major time with minor people because we become afraid of being alone. we stay in relationships because we feel obligated to even though we feel like our effort is no longer reciprocated fairly. we start to reminisce on all the good times and relationships become more of a job than gratifying.

if you are in less than satisfying relationships in your life do realize that there are other people out there who deserve your time. i’m not saying that you should abandon your relationships in search of someone who is “better” but do realize that there are people out there who are much more deserving of your time.

and if someone is out of your life because shit went down, don’t dwell on it. you may reminisce on all the good times but remember that you refer to some people in the past tense because thats exactly where they should stay- the past. there are some relationships i’ve held with some people for years but shit falls apart. like i’ve said before, don’t spend major time with minor people. i’ll admit that sometimes i sit back and reminisce about all things we went through and all the good times. at times i want to reach out and reconnect with these people but the problem is that i don’t miss them, i miss the way they used to be, the situations that we were in, the way i used to be. its the past that i’m trying to reconnect with and not them in the present era.

so again, what is the point of all this rambing? don’t lower your expectations. i know the theory is that if you don’t expect so much, you allow yourself to be impressed. but why would you set yourself up to be impressed with mediocracy?

finally, if you are lucky enough to have great people in your life, let them know it. so i’m letting you guys know it….i love you guys!

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