hype beast

i LOVE THE BAY, but it is just not kickin’ it for me right this moment. don’t get it all twisted now… i will ALWAYS be a city girl for life…. but some people out here are WAAAAAY into the hype. there’s more to this place than ghost riding and thizzles. shit, there’s more to LIFE than drugs and getting ass. yeah ok, i like to have my fun too, but i do what is fun for ME. not just because everyone else is on the hype. dare to be different one time. bring something else to the table other than copying what the folks right next to you have to offer.

so, i bump BAY music all the time. driving force i’d say for this whole movement. it’s a definite must to the cause, but they are songs. it’s not neccessary to take them all so literally emulating them into actual lifestyles. they are meant to hype us up and associate a sound with a distinct place. nothing more.

swagger? the ideality that men (if you can call them that) partake in thinking it’s ok to act the way they do towards women because they don’t know how to turn off that “club talk” only drives women to act the way they do. you think girls don’t know wassup? try being YOURSELF without the alcohol, weed or pills, then see how “stuntin” you really are. if you can impress beyond that, you’re already ahead of the game. there are things we do to each other in this city (and state) that are just UNHEARD of in the rest of the world and it’s sad that we loose ourselves in drama, drugs and pure bullshit with the same magnitude of others whose countries can’t even afford to feed, clothe or medicate their own people.

i get it. it’s a “lifestyle”. the BAY LIFE. and pretty much what runs the youth to do what they do around here. and hey, i’ve been there and fuck yeah it’s FUN. but is it so wrong to expect more out of our generation than to “go dumb” and “get low”? i love to do what only bay girls know how to, but i also know how to turn that shit off. i guess what people fail to realize is there is a time and place for everything. there’s no need to be “shinin” twenty-four seven. there’s nothing wrong with actually finding a medium between being successful and a rockstar.

there probably isn’t a better place to live than here (being biased of course), but don’t let the BAY go down in flames later on. the movement can only last as long as we are actually around to make it slap. but that also means taking life seriously and PROFESSIONALLY so we can make something out of ourselves, then appreciate when it’s time to get down with the getdown. all i’m saying is don’t let the lifestyle run you. YOU gotta run the damn lifestyle.

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