single white female

this one’s for M.I.A…tell those bitches to find another muse.

THE SINGLE WHITE FEMALE THEORY: Applies to all races….that movie wasn’t made for no reason! Trust and believe that there will always be someone who looks to emulate your style….where they will even try their hardest to perfect it! For example shopping together at stores….keep note of someone who wants to purchase the same shit as you! Granted clothing and everything in between was created for a large mass of people…but shit…there does come a time where people should have their own personal style! So be very careful of a woman that does everything in similarity of what you do.

Can I get a muthafuckin AMEN?! Aint that but a bitch when you get a new hairstyle, a new fuckin outfit, a new tattoo and the “friend” thats tellin you how much she LOVES it goes out and gets the SAME EXACT SHIT?

Once upon a time I knew a girl…and we became fast friends. We had so much in common (or so i thought).. tell me why it took me 3 years to find out she shopped in my closet!? I’m talkin about I’m wearin an outfit today, and she wearin the same shit on Wednesday. Talkin about having to psych myself out to cut my damn hair off and she at MY stylist askin for the same shit the very next week…WTF BITCH!?

After talking with M.I. and A. about the same kinda “single white female” in their lives, we came to the conclusion that some women just dont know who they are. So they pick and choose what they like about you, your cousin, your sister, and your friend… and then try and fake the funk like they’ve been on that hype since day one.

You aint gotta lie to kick it.

I dont need to name any names (I bet you’re DYING to know)…but being this kinda fake is almost as annoying as the ching chings at Pacific Super who hocks a loogie thisclose to your face. Your ass has been FIRED. Though I wont tell you who she is, you CAN find your next ‘new best friend’ at the club on Friday night wearin the same outfit I wore last week. Tell her I called and I want my look back.


  1. ♥ aw na · October 30, 2008

    isn’t it flattering though? haha

  2. Tee · October 30, 2008

    i am such a tsissmosa! i swear i am dying to know! hahaha.. tell me tell me!

    . . .
    omg what has myspace done to me .
    . .

    anyway, you are on-point. we ALL have someone like that. how bout on the SAME NIGHT, SAME PLACE? …mmhhmmm girrl AMEM HAH-LEH-LOO-JAH!

  3. Jaimie · October 30, 2008

    AMEN! Find your own identity and stop trying to impersonate.
    BM does this with my outfits at family parties, my hairstyle, oh and similar pics/quotes on my myspace on her friendster! WTF??

  4. kris · October 30, 2008


    haha i got the saaaame shit goin on.
    i think we all have someone in our lives like that!

  5. Ange · October 30, 2008

    Ooo gurl, I know who you’re talking about, but I’m not gonna tell! HAHA! You want me to beat her down? I have a few other friends that aren’t too fond of her sorry, no individuality having ass as they were bullied by her back in the day. Sorry, don’t mean to be so violent. You know how it goes, don’t cross my friends and family…or else! =) Love you cuz!

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