just another day

so i totally had a major “i suck at life” day today… partly because im sure its that time of the month, and partly because i saw a pretty-faced 23 yo chick with a bio thats already 11 pages long… and also because i wore no kinda makeup today and wasnt feeling pretty, AND got to the office to find a stack of work about the size of a small midget on my desk.

after proceeding to feed my face, make fun of uglies, talk to the hubby, and have every concerned friend on my buddy list reassure me that i dont suck at life.. i got over it… and tomorrow i’ll probably be on my jock again because i am just soo amazingly awesome that i cant contain myself and should probably put an 8×11 picture of myself on my desk at work.. (just for clarification, that pic of me next to t.i. is NOT MY DESK, thanks. please believe that i would put a waaay better picture of myself at my own desk)

anyways the moral of the story is — even when i’m a mess, i still put on a vest with an “S” on my chest…. oh yess. i’m a superwoman.. yes i am.

until tomorrow…when i try and take over the world again… au revior habibis..

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