HEFFERism 101

Current mood: like i havent been fed in a week

“when god was giving away talent, rachel was in line at the buffet.” – hot.sauce

cuz my lifelong aspiration is to be a food critic (seriously this is my CALLING.. how can i be down?) i’ve decided to write a continuous blog series on my favorite foods, restaurants, and recipes. i crave food like a pregnant lady, and eat like an obese man, so i promise you this will be interesting.

currently craving – MALASADAS. if you dont already know what this is, then dear child put your internet savvy to work and google that shit. malasadas are like krispy kreme on crack. a portugese donut that was introduced to me on my first trip to Leonards on Oahu and please believe its always my 2nd stop (Zippy’s being the first) when i touch down in the 808.. i usually get a mix of plain sugar, cinnamon sugar, and custard filled malasadas, and for about $4 for half a dozen of em, it should last u till the end of ur surf lesson.

take me back to – THE HOUSE. on one of our many girls nights out (hereafter reffered to as gno), me and my main hit up this small pan asian spot in north beach. yes, there is never any parking, the place is tiny and noisy, but fuck the sea bass is on point. there was 9 of us out and every one of us had an orgasmic experience… the chilean sea bass, the cod, the salmon roll, the mussels, the angus flat iron w/ mashed (that had mushrooms in it), the dessert… i swear the entire menu is worth the 5 block walk from the parking lot.

let me make – PINEAPPLE CHEESECAKE. one of my specialities (aside from my mooncake which i will NEVER give up the recipe for) is my pineapple cheesecake. stupid easy, and stupid good.. here we go..
1 stick cream cheese
1 egg
1 jar of marshmallow creme
1 8 oz can of crushed pineapple
mix all ingredients on stovetop on low heat until smooth. pour into ready made graham cracker crust and bake in 375 degree oven for 50 minutes. TADA. its a party in ur mouth.

i want to try – TOYOSE. korean food in the sunset, on 45th and Noriega… Tina loopt-ed it one night and had my salivary glands on overdrive. been trying to find the time to go (Kris, Queen, r/s to next friday k?) and i will definitely be giving u guys a play by play on my experience.

until next time. heff away.! and pls feel free to add ur own reviews bc i ALWAYS want to try new shit and hear about your culinary experiences… =)

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