chronicles of hefferism Vol. 2

currently craving – ROTI NIGGA, ROTI.. if there’s one thing that will bring Nes, Adri and me back from having a bad day, its roti. this thai flat bread is often served as an appetizer with curry dipping sauce, but our weakness is dessert (roti prata)… served with a hefty drizzling of condensed milk and mango ice cream on the side. most tuesday nights you’ll find us at bangkok garden making all the work day stresses go away…

take me back to – BETELNUT. i satisfied my betelnut craving this last weekend and this place never disappoints. chili crusted calamari, scallops on coconut rice cakes, shrimp fried rice, green beans, galanga beef, kalbi beef, spring rolls, firecracker shrimp….. and there was only 3 of us. haha. my absolute favorite appetizer is the wok fired peanuts (peanuts, chili peppers, anchovies, green onion). even though its no longer on the menu, if u call ahead the chef will gladly make it for you…

let me make – FRIED GARLIC BREAD. i think the last time i made this was in tahoe and it was a HIT.
mix margarine, garlic powder, and shredded cheddar cheese in bowl. spread mixture on one side of bread only.. fry in pan mixture side down until golden brown. proceed to enjoy.

i want to try – SPRINKLES. i still havent been to the one in palo alto, but i need to make the trip to see if their cupcakes are up to par with the one with l.a. sooon.. soon…

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