you dont realize you’re breathing stale air until you open the window and let the fresh breeze in..

sometimes life is like that. you go through your routine.. you hustle, you grind. you walk down the street with swag so serious that you SWEAR no one can fade you or your “i’m so the shit” mentality. and then something new happens, and your window opens.

assimilation has turned me into a fucking robot. finish school, get a good job, do whatever it is that i ‘m supposed to be doing, and do that shit well… culture has driven my thoughts and actions..and i realize that i have been asleep. i’ve been unconscious. as of late, i have been making a conscious effort for revival. little by little i am waking up, and im starting to wonder how i could have been that way for so long.

ok so it took a whole week of thinking that i suck at life.. one full week of wah-ing… but shit’s coming full circle. new things, new people, new interests… revived interest in old friends, old hobbies and being genuine in trying to put the FUN back into my life has given me the chance to see the world in a new light– to see ME in a new light..

my inability to articulate or manifest a strong sense of identity left me lost. so today is day 1 of unlearning the culture and learning ME.

i will be my own breath of fresh air.


  1. you’ve just earned a new subscriber. can’t remember the last time i read something that i could relate to or reflect on… well, that had to have been back in the xanga days. ha.

  2. Tee · October 30, 2008

    how can we learn the truth without unlearning the lies?

    ps – u dont suck at life.

    pps – today i’m gonna attempt to look ‘cute’. muahahaha.

  3. Justin Junio · November 5, 2008

    it seems to me that we share a commonality in our frustrations with routine and compliance with daily pressures, but there comes a time when you have to break out of that routine or you lose a sense of who it is you really are. It sucks when you wake up and find yourself being defined by anything that you do. It’s good to wander sometimes and find out things about yourself. I remind myself all the time that if life is a journey, how can you appreciate the things in life without giving yourself time to wander. I hope we can remember not to rush and wander proudly until you find what it is that really makes you feel fulfilled. I’m sure your family goes a long way in bringing that to you everyday of your life and it’s a beautiful thing that I am so glad you all enjoy. Remember that outside of that, routine can remove imagination and happiness. When the air is not right for you,….do yourself a favor and float….. don’t wait until someone farts and ruins the air you breathe before you’ve freed yourself of your constraints…. i’m so glad i read this today.

  4. anon · January 29, 2013

    “my inability to articulate or manifest a strong sense of identity left me lost. So today is day one of…”

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