chronicles of HEFFERism vol. 3

currently craving – TRISH’S MINI DONUTS. everytime i hit up the wharf i always make a stop at trish’s mini donuts for a bag-o-fun. miniature old fashioned donuts sprinkled with cinnamon sugar seem to make the sound of seals blissful, and the smell of salty air heaven…maybe next time we have lunch tho, we wont get shitted on by birds!

take me back to – TOYOSE!!. ahhh FINALLY. came here last sunday with abi and kris and let me just say…. this place is the culinary equivalent to a morning wood. kim chee fried rice was the best i’ve ever had, the mussles were to die for. the soju is cracked..made with real fruit (forreal u can see the strawberry seeds in that shit.) did i mention this place is in a garage? but who cares! my taste buds were happyyyyyyy…the next time i’m craving some real food after midnight, i’m driving my ass here…

let me make – SPAM CHIPS. ok. sounds weird, but its so good. slice spam in a mandolin (if u dont have one, get one). deep fry till crispy. best pulutan, or just with rice. god i am sooo filipino.

i want to try – BOB’S DONUT AND PASTRY SHOP. on polk st, i hear the cheese danish and maple cake are something to write home about. sooooo the next time im in the city ill drag my fat ass over this way.

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  1. yoshi · December 12, 2008

    on it! we’ll set a date!

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