she’s cute…..

ok after reading another blog on the term ‘cute’ i got to thinking wtf this word actually means.

i know u hear ur friends talking bout some dude, or some chick, and someone may say ‘they cute’. wtf does that mean? seriously? they aint ugly? they are ugly but just too nice to be called ugly? she a danielle? (btw a danielle is… “body of a goddess, face from hell”) this word is just so damn ambiguous so i went and asked my buddy list for their personal meaning for the word cute.

this is what my friends and i came up with, when posed with the question “what is your definition of ‘cute’?”

“most of the time it means he’s just too nice to be called ugly. but if i say she’s HELLA cute.. then i think she’s pretty dope but just dont wanna gas up her head. and cute is one step above aight — which means she’s humpback with 3 teeth.” – me

“definition of cute? ummmmm UGLY!” – anna

“me personally i hate the word cute cuz it reminds me of adorable –
babies and puppies.. so i guess cute is good looking but in an adorable way” – abi

“ed.” – ed

“a little scruffy but still look clean. but clean clean cut is cute too. but if they look cute their cockiness would make them ugly. cute overall. cute face and beer belly is NOT CUTE.” – iya

“cute is who u bring home to mom and dad. hott is who u bring to show off to ur
friends.” – gail

“it means he’s more on the ugly side. but his personality could make or break him” – lisa

“cute is like ehhhhhhh.. not ugly i guess.” – adri

“cute — nice smile and teeth — and nice hair–hilarious and other things. oh and nice shoes and some steez” – leslie

“she aint hella sexy, but she’s attractive in the face. its like i’d say, ‘shes not hella fine, but she’s cute’ and cute is still hitable. ” – brian

“me.” – boogs

“attractive, but not like oh i gotta have him” – jill

“guys dont give girls credit for being nice. we just say things like, ‘she aight’ or ‘she aint cute but shes not ugly ugly'” — john (p.s. is there a difference between ugly and ugly ugly?)

“that he’s decent looking and nice to look at, but not someone i’d be willing to take my panties off for.” – bern

“good looking, possibly pretty boy or handsome but not necessarily hot.” – kris

“when a guy calls me cute, i say dogs are cute.” – angela

“he aight. or maybe young. like young meat. they aint developed enough to be fine. but they still good looking. or when i hear someone say he’s hella cute to me that means he got no swag.” – nes

“i usually think pretty boys are cute. and then i think swaggalicious boys are fine. ” – tee

“a girl who can make me laugh hard is cute.” – pat pat

so there u have it. i dunno if that clears it up or makes it more confusing? but my conclusion is that ‘cute’ means he COULD be fine, if only…(fill in blank). but anna u can thank u and ur friends for making me blog about this shit. her blog is cute. HA! anyways.. got another explanation for me? drop a line.


  1. haha. i hate that term.

    i think it's usually used in two ways:

    (1) "umm… he's cute" (he's aight but you don't want to be mean or he has potential to be fine. kinda like what you said up above. :P)
    (2) "she's cute" (cute but not hot or pretty. so they're attractive but in a sense that's more so innocent & quirky, not so much sexy and/or "damn i wanna jump his/her bones")

    this is probably just more confusing. haha. but that's my take on the whole cute thang. LOL.

  2. kris · October 24, 2008

    ok, so what was i going to say?

    so i think it depends on how you say it and how you use the word.

    most of the time we say “cute” to say something or someone’s not ugly, but not necessarily hot or super good looking.

    BUT if you say “HELLA CUTE” then i think that’s when they’re really good looking, handsome, pretty, etc. they’re not necessarily “hot” like i wanna get in bed with them and have their babies (like T.I), but they’re really really good looking and maybe you’ll have a crush on them or something.

    and then there’s the baby cute.

    that would can have so many meanings…i think it’s just the way you say it! haha

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