chronicles of hefferism vol. 4

currently craving – CHIPOTLE CHICKEN ENCHILADAS. the other day i hit up chevys with tat and queenie and thought i’d try something different. wowoweeee. the chicken had just the right amount of spice in the marinade, and the sauce over the top was milk, creamy, but kicked ur throat as u tried to swallow it down. ganda ganda naman..

take me back to – SATURA CAKES. after doing the breast cancer walk in san jose, and before hitting the spa with my sisters we walked around campbell waiting for our table at stacks.. we stumble upon this bakery that had samples of their french toast at the door. oh sweet jesus christ almighty, i just about had a mini orgasm. this place is an organic bakery that only uses organic ingredients as they bake all their shit fresh on the daily.. from strawberry shortcakes, to green tea cream puffs, cookies, muffins and of course, my favorite french toast. make sure to hit up their campbell, los altos, or hawaii locations.

let me make – BROWNIE BITES. i’ve been making these since i discovered them in the refridgerated section of pak’n’save. Nestle Brownie Bites (in the yellow square packaging). bake at 350 for 11 minutes and sprinkle with a healthy dose of powdered sugar or crack cocaine, whichever you prefer.

i want to try – PAD SEE EW WITH CHILI AND SUGAR. cuz according to abi, its the shit! next time i hit up thai bbq, this will be my order!

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