so christiana didnt say my nameeee, but im bored, so ima pretend she did. ha.

Rules First:

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3. Share six non-important things/habits/quirks about yourself.
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6. non-important things about me:

6 non important things about me….
1. so you all know that i love food. love love LOVE food. but did u know that i was thisclose to enrolling in culinary school? i had put down my deposit and errythang! i had decided that i no longer wanted to work in the medical field, drove my ass over to the California Culinary Academy, and signed my ass up. i decided tho, that i enjoyed eating waay more than i enjoyed cooking (and the ridiculous clean up aferwards). hence the reason i’m still typing this blog from my desk at the medical center. lol.

2. i met my husband at church. real talk. i was 12 and we had the same confirmation class. *sigh* 7 years later while choreographing his cousin’s cotillion, we started dating.. it was so random cuz he is so NOT my type.. (i was way too into pretty boys and this ghetto thug turned out to be exactly my brand of heroin). we got engaged christmas eve as he put my ring in a toblerone box, and then vowed our lives to each other on our 5 year anniversary. SOO TENDER.. my how time flies?

3. i love to sing and dance. that dont mean i CAN sing and dance, i just like doing it. you can catch me in concert as soon as i’m too inebriated to give a shit. lol. or on youtube. (if the ff video’s dont work in ur broser, click the links..)

heres me n my hubby super wasted in tahoe singing our all time favorite song ‘hotel california’

and then me, michelle, and april doing what we do best.. ACTING A FOOL IN FRONT OF A CAMERA. p.s. this was right after we watched mama mia so we were inspired ok? lol.

4. drankin, smokin, straight west coastin. true life, im a smoker. capris menthol lights (because they’re the sexiest cigarette everrrr). i know its gross. i quit when i was pregnant and thought i was done for good, but once i had my first 3 shots of henn after giving birth i had to light one up for the homies. haha.

5. im addicted to traveling. if i could live out of a suitcase i would do it in a heartbeat if it meant i got to see the world. i dont know if traveling is the right term … because i love EXPERIENCING NEW PLACES. make sense? in 2007 i was jetsettin every month. every single month! – vegas, tahoe, new york, hawaii, bahamas, virgin islands, philippines…. since becoming a mom i havent been able to travel as much, but that doesnt mean i no longer have the itch… next up, vegas for AVN and hawaii for the mufuckin PRO BOWL. yezzir.

6. i’m 127 lbs. what?! its non-important. and its a fact. lol. (i was 160 my last day pregnant.) so suck my swag while i eat my cake!

– kris
– janice
– anna
– abi
– duane
– tee


  1. you & your hubs can sang… not sing, sang! i'm glad you did this. i'm learning more about you. 😀 good shit. 😉

  2. Janice · October 30, 2008

    OMG!! we have sooo much in common!!! lol!! fuck thats my 6 rite there!! so do i still have to do it???

  3. yoshi · November 1, 2008

    on another note. how have you been?

  4. yoshi · November 1, 2008

    “i linked you on my blog”

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