this is how we chill from ’93 till

DUDE. dude.

on halloween we took it back 90s style with a freakin HOUSE PARTY at the brito residence. it was fuckin hilarious! we brought it back to junior high/high school and everyone really got into it.. we saw cybertek suits, timberlands, puffers in the shoes, pagers, g-shock watches, mini backpacks, shell toes, cortez’, dickies, windbreakers.. we had the men in black, fresh prince, mario and luigi, wario and waluigi, mary j blige, the spice girls.. u fuckin name it!

just sharing with you my favorite picture of me and dyna. whatchu know bout my puka shells, the hillfiger jacket n my polo sport bag son?! and peep dyna’s bopper bangs, her nike cortez’ and that ugly ass scrunchie on her wrist. oh and dont forget the finishing touch of our looks, the dark ass lipstick and the non-smile. WORD TO UR MOTHER.

“tonight i’m gonna party like its 1999” (more pics on my shutterfly)


  1. krisYEE · November 3, 2008

    Where’s the CYBERTEK!?!?!? lol

  2. hahaha! this is awesome.

  3. Yoshi · November 4, 2008

    holy shit, if i didn’t read the entire post, i SWEAR this photo was an original throwback! puwahaha!

  4. JELLY · November 12, 2008

    and to actually think everyone looked like that!!!! hahahaha oh my fuckn lord

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