Can you hear me now?

..because I’m SCREAMING!

A wise man in the rain does not struggle against the rain. He neither tries in futility to walk between the drops or run through them hoping to avoid the rain. He accepts the rain as part of his reality and is released from the stress others might find themselves to be in walking outside on a rainy day.

I want to be that person. I want to be able to accept what I can’t change and be free of the burden of the desire to manipulate that which is not within my capability to mold to my own liking. For the most part, I am just hoping. Hoping that equality can be measured today by a growing majority being accepting of gay rights, civil rights and equality for all human beings.

I have heard so much politicking over the past few months that I almost can’t believe the world we live in. I have lived in the Bay Area for almost my entire life, and being in the bay area, you almost get stuck here. You get stuck here physically, and ideologically, and for periods of time, you allow yourself to forget that the rest of the world is not the Bay Area. Coming back in to reality, I begin to feel a little nervous for the legitimacy of today’s results, should Barack Obama somehow lose this election. I would be devastated, but not completely shocked. I am urging you to voice your opinion. Voice what you need from this world, lift your words and raise your voices and vote for someone who will find it in his capability to change the things we ourselves do not have the power to change. Today is one of the very few days that we as a people are actually listened to, and what we need is to leave no doubt to be found when choosing our next president.

Besides that, I’ve heard so much talk about proposition 8 that it makes me sick to my stomach to see so many supporters of this message. They wave their signs on the street corners. They have yelled in my face over and over in attempts to solicit some form of support from me. I will not. I tell myself everyday not to conform to pressures that lead you in a wrong direction, and I see proposition 8 for what it truly is. I have no problem with gay marriage. I know that before you were born, God knew who you were and everything you were capable of because he made you the way that you are. I know this to be true, and i know this does not exclude the gay community. They are human. They have relationships just like the rest of us.

I’m hearing from religious leaders that gay relationships are about lust and not love, but how could this be? Are gay individuals without the capacity for love in a nurturing relationship? Simply put,… no. They love just as we do. They make plans for the future and argue as couples just like everyone else. What lust in your life has ever been worth arguing with another for? Lust is not the issue,… the issue is giving everyone the opportunity to love and live life as they wish without hatred and judgment from people who have placed themselves on a pedestal, dehumanized this community and fail at every turn to take in to account how much the gay community suffers at the hands of the ignorant.

I know that proposition 8 seems to have a sure victory at hand,…. but i don’t give a shit. I believe that they should enjoy all the rights that we have and you can go on and pander your opinions and viewpoints and biblical verses all you want. This is my opinion,… and in spite of what any campaign might think,… I, and hopefully everyone who reads this, am not for sale. I will not buy in to what you want me to believe. Not today and not tomorrow or any day after that. I know in my heart that this is right. Please,… let your voice be heard today,…. or go out and get a big fuckin umbrella.

thanks junio.
p.s. happy birthday michelle brito! i love you sister!

One comment

  1. justin junio · November 5, 2008

    You write with so much conviction!!!! hahaha I love the support! You are SOOOOO boss right now!

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