99 years.

today is my lola’s 99th birthday.

she has been witness to 2 world wars, to a man walking on the moon. she has moved her family from the impoverished third world of the philippines, to the san francisco bay area which i now call home. she has seen many things in her century of living.. and yesterday, together, we witnessed the election of the first african american president of the united states.

we made history. and she is just as hopeful as i am that change is coming our way. told ya! obama fo yo mama! and apparently, my daddy’s mama too.

Happy Birthday Lola.! i love you!


  1. justin junio · November 5, 2008

    that is beautiful. i wish my grandmothers were here to see the day our world made a turn toward hope….

    sincerely,…your biggest (and probably fattest) fan,

  2. krisYEE · November 5, 2008

    ok, so i was just thinking about all that kind of shit last night watching the elections. and i was sooo gonna blog about it! lol what can i saw, great minds think alike!

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