fresh off the boat, B.

mommy – anak, how do i open my email attachment
me – double click it
mommy – i do, but hindi naman na bubuksan.
daddy – rach, it opens microsoft works.
me – am i on speaker?
me – ohhkay, just fwd me the email and ill see about the attachment.

(dad forwards me email with the message “how the hell do you open this thing?” i call back.)

me – mommy? its a power point attachment. you have to open it in power point
mommy – ano? power plate attachment?
me – no power point
mommy – power plate
me – power POINT!
mommy – why are you yelling. ang hirap mo kausapin.

hahahahahahahaHHAHAH. i love my parents.


  1. justin junio · November 19, 2008


  2. hahaha. i think all filipinos can relate to this. 🙂

  3. yoshi · December 2, 2008

    HAHHAHAHAH you should put this on =)

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