around the way girls..

between making sure my son is eating enough solid foods, changing his diapers, checking my bank acct, keeping my make-up fresh, stepping my shoe game up, buying new clothes, e-mailing or texting my friends, having sex with the husband, complaining about my weight, smoking and/or drinking, daydreaming about my next vacay, and not dying of boredom at work.. i sometimes come up with random shit to obsess about until i get over it and start obsessing about something else.. at the moment, my current obsession is on my kris kringle wish list… so i need something else to oogle over. until i find it, i’m writing this blog just because its the day before thanksgiving and i refuse to work because i think its illegal to do so when its so close to a major holiday.

in the spirit of thanksgiving, i’d like to take a timeout to say that i have THEE most amazing people in my life and am so grateful to the lord for blessing me with positive, uplifting souls to surround me. so here, in a nutshell, is a list of my around the way girls… the girls that, around the way, have been inspiring, uplifting, and the source of lots of laughter and great memories.

in no particular order..
cat – my very best friend. 8 years strong and counting!
bern – i told u that u were a keeper!
queenie – nbf! three words. travel. photography. food.
jae – you are the strongest woman i have ever known.
anna – my nbf’s bff. your humor is always a breath of fresh air. can u move here already?
michelle – my sister! my best friend! brito’s fo life.
wella – fuck bitch i hella miss you. buncha bullshit!
janass – the biggest bitch that i’ve known thus far.. and that aint a bad thing. =)
iya biya – the biggest little girl i know.
abi – sooo homo, hayati. the fuck is a purple happy face?
adri – boob talk all dayyy. u tried to make me go to rehab and i said YES. YES. YES.
leslieannnn- team jada on my mama, nigga!!
kris – three words. single. white. female.
nes – roti nigga, roti!
dyna – i love my baby mama
gailey – ho sista wea u stea? i love you mary!
tee – when can we make peach sangria again?
tat – my living diary. thank you for knowing everything about me, and still loving me.
baning – ninang healthy.. im hungry! potato casserole pleaseeeeee
char star – be.bella
baker – kailua will always be our beach. always.
ape – mama mia, here i go again. my my, how can i resist you?
angggg- “why is she fat? and ugly?”
chey – dude where we gonna have ur bachelorette.
patti – lets go buy red velvet cupcakes and gush over edward cullen.
agnes – cuz we O.G. triple O.G.! vegas baby!

“i dont remember many girls, cuz they talk too much.”… but these girls got my back, my ear, and make sure i dont have food in my teeth and that my makeup still looks good. MY GIRLS SHIT ON YOUR GIRLS. and i gives a fuck if u beg to differ.

so happy thanksgiving and eat lots of turkey and get food coma cuz thats exactly what i’m gonna do tomorrow! adios habibis!


  1. krisYEE · November 27, 2008

    happy thanksgiving love!

  2. tina · December 4, 2008

    dude me and my sister made red velvet cuppycakes for thanksgiving. next time i’ll save a few for u n abi.

    ps – she really made them i was put in charge of icing.

  3. gailey · December 9, 2008


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