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“Winner…the fighting pride of the philippines… mannnnyy ‘pacman’ paccccuiiaaoooooooo!!!!”

Last night’s fight was absolutely bananas.   I watched in awe, along with 30 of our friends, as pacquiao kicked de la hoya’s asssss.  (even tho i secretly think de la hoya is wayy too handsome to mess up his pretty face.) I stand just a little bit taller today because i got that filipino pride thang goin on..
but whats with some other people tho.  some people who, before today, swore they were just ‘a lil’ filipino..  more spanish and hawaiian.. or so she claimed.. than filipino  (when her parents came straight from the philippines and she was born and raised in the bay)..  what’s wrong with being filipino? i swear some people are so obsessed with being mestiza that  i overheard a girl once tell someone that she was “hispanic and korean” when we were both just talking to each other in tagalog.  yeah uh huh.  sooo irritating. i think that may be one of my biggest pet peeves.  you are filipino bitch.  why try and pass as something other than that?  arent u proud of yourself?  your heritage?  if u aint, how u expect other people to respect you, your nationality, your history?  
yeah yeah, i got those days where i get a lil embarassed cuz that girl on youtube sings “kees mee” instead of “kiss me”.  other days the chinese in me takes over and i get lost, drive slow and/or reckless, and believe the dmv should take away my license.  yeah there are times when i hate the damn spaniards for raping my great grand mother and replacing her filipino last name with a spanish one, and then remember i was the president of the spanish honor society (hablo espanol putas). but never do i forget nor deny that i am what i am.   and shit, i think i make it look flossy.  
AMERICA ARE YOU SERIOUS?  if u mixed u mixed. if u arent u arent.  so the fuck what?  i got brown skin, dark eyes, and black hair.  although i do have a pointed nose and a chinese grandfather, does that make me any less filipino?  hell to the no. i’m the first one to ask for seconds of champorado and tuyo, and i will throw a banig at you  if u bag on my kare kare.  i am beautiful in all my filipina glory and so are you…   and just cuz pacquiao won, doesnt mean that today should be the only day you acknowledge that. 

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