808’s and surfbreaks

“ho, sista wea u stay?”

its OFFICIAL. i will be in the 808 state with my favorite people for the pro bowl and my hubby’s 26th birthday. persistence pays off… cuz i’ve been waiting to book tickets since october, but i was not about to drop $450 on flight tickets, when last march we paid $300. so we waited. and waited. and waited. and today, they were in the $300+ range, so out came my credit card.

i am such a happy camper today. usually on mondays, god punishes me for having a good weekend, but today.. TODAY is a good day

things i’m looking forward to –

leonards malasadas
chantilly puffs
boots and kimos
waimea falls
the sun
shark’s cove
lanikai (my favoriteee)
ewa beach
dixie grill

i’m too excited to even write a blog with proper engrish and coherent sentences. aaaaahhhhh!!! we rollin 20 deep and its gonna be fuckin MANY. (btw, thats many, like maniacs.. not many, like a lot. get with it people)

sista u like rage um? meeeaan grindz broke da mout! cruisin all day and we stay beach da kine. hemo da panty.. no time, mary no time! hahahaha!!!

dubb, be ready. we gettin hyphy in hawaii. CHUCH.

One comment

  1. DIGGA · December 24, 2008

    its Surfin’ USA for me. so if you happen to see a dude riding the waves in a leopard thong, thats not me! ill be in a zebra one!

    im planning to buy my ticket next week. who else purchased cuz id like to room it with someone, sleep on the ground if i have to!

    dude if you dont mind ill be with you guys for all those traveling expeditions cuz its been long overdue for some macadamia nut pancakes!!!!!! hollllllaa!


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