sittin on top of the world.

i am BLESSED. all the people who mean anything to me have taken a time out to wish me a happy birthday. i haven’t truly celebrated my birthday in like 3 years cuz 1. its so close to the holidays that i’m usually just too stressed out, 2. last year was my big 2-5, but i was 7 months pregnant, and 3. i’m kind of a big deal everyday, not just on my birthday. ha.

more than ever, i feel…. complete. i’ve let go of those who have nothing positive to contribute to my life, all the while nurturing the friendships i have with amazing people who make life that much easier to endure. my ride or die chicks… my around the way girls…my amazing family…buckle up cuz the ride to the top is gonna be ridiculous.

life is grand, God is great, and i’m finally able to revisit that point where i’m absolutely content, not complacent, with my life. i’m convinced that i’m exactly where i’m supposed to be and THAT my friends, is what has me on cloud nine.

happy twenty six to me. herrrreee we goo!

One comment

  1. John Black · December 17, 2008

    Word…Happy Birthday Rach! -John B!

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