no bueno

i dont have pet peeves. i have major, psychotic, fucking hatreds!

so i’m sick of hearing all this christmas joy and what not. christmas always kicks my ass. i’m stressed out buying 6549843249876 gifts for people, what to give, how much to spend, how i’m gonna afford to drink water after this always always ALWAYS leaves me in a bitter ass mood. shopping is NOT fun when its not for me. (especially when every store plays the same christmas muzak on blast and i aint in the mood for fuckin raindrops on raindeers or however the fuck the song goes.)

but i digress. when i’m already stressed, the little things that kinda bother me, start to really really bother me, and the pet peeves give birth to major mental meltdowns and i feel sorry for whoever is on the receiving end of my unfiltered mouth. so, until i’m stress free (which is after my son’s first birthday), please keep me clear of the following:

– denim on denim. this went out in the 90’s i thought? WHY do girls insist on doing it still?
– french tip toe nails. my bff loves to do this, but i dont understand why u want ur toes to look like fingers with long nails.
– feeling like i gotta shit RIGHT when i get outta the shower. i hate when this happens.
– someone who eats the last of ur favorite food.
– drivers who dont use their turn signal. can u not move ur finger one fucking inch to let me know where u tryin to go? really?
– girls who think they steezy, but really aint. dont u have friends to tell u the truth about ur outfit?
– wet socks. especially when you spent 10 minutes and 39 seconds trying to find the matching pair to your favorite ones.
– dry or undercooked rice. the fuck is that?
– phone numbers with 9 or 11 digits. WOW.
– meebo’s fucked up servers.
– fuckin posers. or hypebeasts. or single white females.
– olives.
– non- words. understoodable? OMG lemme buy u a dictionary for xmas. and just cuz biggie said it, dont mean that conversate is a word. the word is converse! like the shoe! except the emphasis is on a different syllable. say it with me now.. converse!
– friends who are lightweight annoying and mooch on car rides, food, your first born child.
– friends that say they’re gonna disappear and dont answer ur calls, then get mad when they dont get emailed, texted, IMed or invited to vegas. cry me a fuckin river.

i promise i’m not always this shitty. just spreading myself, my time, my resources a lil too thin right now. maybe i’ll be better yomotto. (Adri!!!) if not tomorrow, i’ll def be a happy camper on thursday after all my gifts have been opened and i know i went broke to see the people i love smile. cuz THAT makes it worth it..

merry christmas you guys!


  1. Queenie · December 23, 2008

    I’m adding “HURTED” to your non-words. It’s only cute when a 2 year old says it.

  2. yoshi · December 30, 2008

    DUDE you don’t like OLIVES?!?! =) i agree with the rest

  3. gailey · January 4, 2009

    wow. i FEEL the anger!!

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