you ALMOST had me…

ALMOST… but no cigar.

you almost had me feeling sorry for you, again. you almost had me feeling like i was a bad friend. you almost convinced me that you arent so bad. you almost made me apologize for not “being there for you when you needed me”.. you almost got me thinking its not ur fault. you almost made me want to completely forgive you and try and be friends again.. you almost had me…

and then i remembered how you almost became the ninang of my son, but u didnt show up. and then you almost opened the xmas gift i got you last year, but you werent there at the party. and you almost saw my surviving son in the NICU when he was born, but you didnt come to the hospital. or how you almost called me at the perfect time one year ago because i needed you more than anything… but you called me for something else entirely. you almost had me believe that i meant something to you, but then disappointed me at every chance u could. you almost let me try and be there for you, but then you went and disappeared..

… you almost had me thinking that you could change… but you didnt.

and you cant cry your way out of this one. you cant twist shit around and somehow make it about you and somehow make it my fault , and then say how i should feel sorry for you and just magically FORGET all the foul shit thats gone down.. because point blank, i cant.

even though i almost thought i could….

and almost doesnt count.

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  1. yoshi · January 7, 2009


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