AIM chat room – ihatework
[10:51] Anna: am i repeating myself if i say “smelly odor”?
[10:52] Bern: technically yes you are repeating yourself
[10:52] Anna: i am?
[10:52] Anna: urgh
[10:52] Queenie: isnt odor just smell? or is it always just bad smell?
[10:53] Bern: odor is just smell
[10:53] raaachem: odor is just smell
[10:53] raaachem: smelly implies that it smells bad
[10:53] Bern: but if you describe something as smelly it’s the same?
[10:53] raaachem: yes
[10:53] raaachem: smelly = bad odor
[10:53] Bern: so you wouldn’t need both words right?
[10:53] Queenie: but smell and odor are nouns like scent and aroma
[10:54] raaachem: true story
[10:54] Bern: american english SUCKS!
[10:54] Bern: lol
[10:54] Anna: how about stank odor?
[10:54] Queenie: yah it does!
[10:55] Anna: Stank odor repeating myself?
[10:55] Queenie: i dont get how some words are the same. minute as in time and minute as in small. makes no sense!!!
[10:55] Bern: lol
[10:55] Bern: right!
[10:56] Queenie: and u pronounce them differently. WTF??!!? ITS THE SAME!!! lol
[10:56] raaachem: lol.
[10:56] Bern: lol.
[10:56] raaachem: and no
[10:56] raaachem: stank odor is NOT repeating urself
[10:56] raaachem: well
[10:56] raaachem: technically
[10:56] Queenie: oh and produce as in to produce and produce as in fruit and veggies
[10:56] raaachem: stank is the adjective to odor’s noun
[10:56] Bern: hahaha
[10:57] Anna: slamit!
[10:57] Queenie: if thats the case then why is body odor = bad odor?
[10:57] Bern: i technically see it as repeating bc when something is “stank” or “smelly” you automatically think odor
[10:57] Queenie: my body has an odor but i do not stank!
[10:57] Bern: but all the same
[11:00] Queenie: whos odor are u talking about to begin with?
[11:00] Bern: hahaha
[11:02] Anna: my co workers…
[11:02] Anna: her pits are stinging my nose
[11:03] Bern: EWWW
[11:03] Queenie: hahahhaha
[11:03] Anna: or the sweater she leaves in the offices need to be washed

for those of you who think that my AIM chats consist of talking shit, trying to take over the world, or plotting your demise.. you have been proven wrong. we talk about..STUPID SHIT. all day… today’s topic, the idiocracy of the engrish language.

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