…for my absence. i haven’t found the time (or the balls) to do anything non-work related at work. but today, i really could give a fuck if they see me blogging or not. with that said… HELLO! the inauguration yesterday was inspiring, uplifting, and i got extra swag in my step cuz we got a black president. according to my other husband, justin timberlake, having Obama as president makes the united states just that much cooler. and i have to agree…

i’ve been uninspired to write anything worthy of blogging lately, mainly because i’ve been too busy wah-ing over this whole work ordeal and prepping for hawaii.. so as i ease back into the groove of things, i only have one thing to say..

i’m back and in full effect, boyyyyeeeeeeeee!!!!!

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  1. kng · January 26, 2009


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