Chronicles of HEFFERISM, vol 5

its been a while since i’ve done one of these.. so here we go.

currently craving GARLIC SPAM – i’ve only found this shit in Hawaii’s Walmart and gadamn this tastes 10x better than it sounds. and i know it already sounds good right? garlic infused spam? shit, garlic infused anything is grrrreaaatt! i’ll be sure to leave extra space in my suitcase for the cans i plan on bringing back home.

take me back to BOOTS AND KIMO’S – 3 days and counting till i’m back at my all time favorite breakfast spot on Oahu. .. the home of the original macadamia nut pancake sauce, this is always always ALWAYS the first stop on the first morning i wake up on hawaii.. located in a small town called Kailua, its the perfect place to eat, then head to my all time favorite beach.. lanikai. if u make it here, try the pulehu ribs, portugese sausage, corn beef hash omelette, and wash it all down with a side of banana macadamia nut pancakes and some lilikoi juice! i cannot WAIIIT.. if an orgasm on a plate existed, it would be sold at boots.

let me make DAE DAE’S CHEESE PUFFS – named after my girl who makes em, Dana.. she made these for us on Xmas, and again last sunday for superbowl and god, can they be heaven in a fried wrapper??
hella chopped bacon (1 pack)
1 1/2 sticks cream cheese
4 oz sour cream
1 bunch spinach
wonton wrappers
cook bacon till crispy. drain. add spinach, let wilt. add cream cheese and sour cream till melted. wrap in wonton wrapper. deep fry the bitch. garnish with cilantro and serve with spicy sweet n sour sauce. ta-fuckin-da its a party in ur mouth.

i want to try THE FRONT PORCH – the spicy crab and grits made it to 7×7’s SF 100 things to eat and drink before you die… spicy crab? thats like, my all time favorite combination. let me google map that shit n ill tell u about it when i get back.

until next time folks!

One comment

  1. GAILEY · February 3, 2009

    i’ll try the recipe!!! my mouth is watering already!!!

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