god must LOVE stupid people

because they’re fucking everywhere!!!

i get that not everyone likes their job, their situation, their circumstance.. but fuck if thats the case then get off ur ass and CHANGE THAT SHIT.

you are not a plant. you are NOT STAGNANT. you have the opportunity and the ability to change everything about yourself. the way you think directly affects the way you live and not the other way around. dont serve me any of that “woe is me” bullshit on a platter because i am not buyin it. too many people want shit to just fall into their laps instead of working hard to get what they think they deserve. shit dont work like that. money makes the world go round and blood, sweat, and tears earn that money. dont talk about it, and just be about it. because that sob story you givin is just not a good look.

if you dont like the way you look, hit the gym or stop complaining about how your size 6 jeans just dont seem to fit anymore. too broke to go on vacay with me? ask for overtime instead of donations. sick of your scrublife boyfriend? he’s ugly anyways so drop his ass. easier said than done, but once its done its easy. TRUST.

rant over. fuck you and have a nice day.

“there isnt much i have to say, that i wouldnt rather just shut up and do.” ‘CHUCH


  1. gailey · February 12, 2009

    WOW! i wonder what triggered this… i was so busy at work to even log on to meebo.


    even though this may be a “bitching blog” … i find it truly inspirational!

  2. kng · February 13, 2009

    whoa i just thought of this bible verse reading your post. hahaha.. what the fuck.

    is this who i think its about?

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