dear diary..

im talkin with my girl about this guy she likes… and i dont understand why she’s waiting for him to make the first move. we’ve been over the criteria (which if u havent read, i suggest u do so, because every woman should) .. and he passes with flying colors..

but yet she still waits and waits. i mean, whats wrong with going after what you want? opportunity dont always come a knockin, so just build a door right? i get that u wanna be swept off ur feet, but it dont always happen and sometimes u gotta jump if u wanna get lifted.

on another note… i think feb has been a GREAT month. hawaii kicked it off right, then valentine’s day.. celebrating life.. the husband’s birthday.. and snowboarding.. man, who gets to say they can snowboard and surf in the same month? I DO. =)

get up. get out. get some.

One comment

  1. Miss.Stefanie · February 24, 2009

    Feb has been great to me but I hope March is better!

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