last week a friend asked me a question that threw my equilibrium off and made my head spin.

“when was the last time u pushed urself to the limit?”

my answer? SILENCE.

for the first time in a long time, i was left speechless. “it shouldnt be this hard” i told myself. i should KNOW this.. but it was hard and i didnt know it and i couldnt answer. i didnt have one interesting story to tell. kinda pathetic yeah? and it bothered me enough that today, a week later, i’m still reflecting on it.

im kind of a scary. im scared of roller coasters, terrified of heights, spiders and i am DEATHLY afraid of the water. so ive always steered clear of shit that’ll put my life in jeopardy such as jumping out of a perflectly good working plane (who does that?) and deep sea diving or whatever.

but u know what? i want my heart to race. i want to feel exhilerated and carefree and i want to FLY. i think a few blogs ago i said, “sometimes u gotta jump if u wanna get lifted.” so maybe i should take my own advice.

u down? i got healthcare. lets do it. BOOM!


  1. Kweenie Weenie · March 2, 2009

    hey! I jump out of perfectly good planes TWICE might I add because it DID feel like flying! lol

    but scuba diving… never again! that shit was too much work!

  2. gailey · March 2, 2009

    YES…. JUST DO IT! You never know, you might actually love it!

  3. Miss.Stefanie · March 2, 2009

    Always remember: Go above your nerve.

  4. rio tapatio · March 3, 2009

    I know we’ve all pushed ourselves to the limit in a negative sense, but in the positive sense, like how you’re talking about…
    you’re right! I got healthcare too, aha. Lets go jump off a bridge or some shit.


  5. krisYEE · March 3, 2009

    i got health care too! let’s go! lol

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