“Fresh off the Jess”

so that was my attempt at branding my girl Jess. haha… it didnt work out, but at least i tried right? I’ve mentioned jess a few times before and if u havent paid any attention to her i suggest u start because she should NOT BE SLEPT ON. i admire this girl so much its ridiculous. i should just call her “go girl” cuz she a go getter if i’ve ever seen one…

she contributes to a gazillion blogs cuz she is that important. if u havent done ur homework on this one, i suggest u do so now..

to know her is to love her.. and if u wanna fall in love as much as i have.. check her out here. She makin things happen so just try and keep up ok?


  1. Miss.Stefanie · March 11, 2009

    She sounds amazing!

  2. yoshi · March 12, 2009


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