life 1. me 0.

i am not ur superwoman. not today. not right now.

it was the straw that broke the camel’s back and i have reached my breaking point. i feel like screaming or laughing or crying or all of the above but i feel if i do.. i have admitted defeat.

i feel as if the weight of the world is on my back. with trying to be a good wife and mother, a responsible adult, a hard worker, a kick ass writer, a great friend and just maintaing my all around awesomeness… its fucking wearing me down. this grown shit is weighing down my heart. and today i just can’t bear it all.

i can’t do everything! i just CAN’T! not today. not right now.

today, i just wanna be an ordinary girl, with ordinary thoughts doing ordinary tasks with a mundane life. i want to use my free pass today. i want to pass go, collect my $200, and turn in my get out of jail free card. life is a fucking gamble and most of the time the house wins but once in a while u get to hit it big and i keep waiting for my win. i’m still waiting.

i want to just be me. no strings attached. and i guess i’ve learned that i can have everything. i just can’t have everything all at once.

i hope its ok that superman wants to just be clark kent. just for today. just for right now.


  1. Miss.Stefanie · March 12, 2009

    “I am not superwoman”

    I think we need to remind ourselves of this every now and then.

    Great post mamas!

  2. yoshi · March 12, 2009

    dude – i hear you LOUD AND CLEAR. maybe i’ll do that tomorrow…

  3. Bern · March 12, 2009

    sometimes we all get pnwed by life.

    Life: F you.

    Me: damn…

    but shit happens. you’ll be superwoman again tomorrow.

    and right as rain again.

  4. Heyhomee · March 12, 2009

    In every journey there occurs at least one stumble.
    It’s the times that you can get up, pick yourself up, dust yourself off, and continue the journey that makes you stronger for it.
    Even god rested on the seventh day.
    This too shall pass.

  5. The12thLetter · March 21, 2009

    "This grown shit is wearing down my heart."


    <3 eL

  6. seo Barnet · September 6, 2014

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