its WTFriday ladies, and here i sit at my desk at work wishing i was somewhere else. will someone hire me to just do WTForks full time?? please?? i beg of you..

here’s me LOVING my job. ha. please share with me WTForks you’re doin today. and to my other WTFly ladies… SAVE ME. PLEASE.

p.s. on days like this (after i catch up on my fave blogs) i usually pretend to work and instead read my copies of the Twilight series that i have on PDF. thats right gals. on PDF! if u want em, shoot me ur email.

p.p.s. Abi, i’m wearing eyeliner today so i dont look like DEATH. happy? (its also payday today so i think ima head to stussy to cop me some more swag from the stussy x hellz collab that was just released. if u dont know, now u know)



  1. Miss.Stefanie · March 13, 2009

    Hahahah I looove this!

  2. rio tapatio · March 13, 2009

    I’ll save you if you save me,,,
    my college math class is eating me alive and I have deadlines on boring stories for the college paper.

    but the eyeliner looks bangin!

  3. Lauren Calderon-Sandridge · March 13, 2009

    I feel your pain..My friend and I talk about how much we hate work on a daily basis. We long for the days of owning our own business and working for ourselves and not “the man” Damn the man..hang in there.

  4. yoshi · March 14, 2009

    DAMNIT i gotta start looking cute on fridays for our WTFridays… grrrr

  5. Bombchell · March 14, 2009

    aww u look so inlove with ure j.o.b!!

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