hellza annoying

just a repost of what i posted today on What The Hellz?!

life sans cigarettes..
is making me fuckin GRUMPY. why i thought giving up cigs for lent was a good idea is beyond my comprehension right now. everything is everything and its hella irritating the fuck outta me!

today, i wanna talk about shoes. not just shoes, but too small shoes on too big feet. this is a phenomenon that remains beyond my comprehension. this weekend i saw a fly ass chick with a pretty face and the dopest outfit on. she had swag thru the roof and i’m always intrigued with confident girls… it makes me wanna be friends. lol. but as i got closer to get a better look i stop dead in my tracks cuz i see this

p.s. this aint really the girl i seen cuz i wanst bold enough to take a pic of her feet. lol. this is just a visual… but i swear it looked just like this. toes

cliffhangers! it looks like her poor toes are hanging on for dear life……. so i immediately wonder if they’re borrowed or if she’s worn them too many times between 1998 and now that they no longer fit well. this shit immediately catapults a girl into the HELLZA UGLY category. i promise. not to mention the pedicure is all bad just makes u wanna give the girl a donation right??? does the poor girl not have friends to tell her that this shit aint cute?? argh.

and that, my dear friends, is the “HELLZA ANNOYING SHIT OF THE DAY.” maybe if i had a cigarette i would be a little less annoyed, but i cant have another one of those till after easter. i SHOULD be giving em up completely but we’ll see if i have the strength. maybe next year i should give up something easier like food or shopping.


  1. yoshi · March 16, 2009

    you ASS! you made me fkn SOL – snort out loud!!!
    ‘tha fuck – cliffhangers?!?!?! gnarly yo!

  2. Bern · March 16, 2009

    seriously. this is atrocious. NEVER NEVER NEVER let a friend step out the house lookin so broke.

  3. rio tapatio · March 16, 2009

    hellza….oh my….
    i love that word.

    haha,, i can’t believe you saw a fly mama that wasn’t fly at the feet. shame on her.

  4. Miss.Stefanie · March 16, 2009


  5. Janice · March 20, 2009

    eeeww!! wtf! hello i work in shoes and i hate it when customers be thinking that they shoes fit them in where they feet is hanging half way outta the damn shoe!! gross!

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