unicorn status.

feeling a little introspective today and i’d like to pose a question.

do u think utopia is attainable?

like.. do u think its a real place where happiness exudes from your pores and you are left wanting nothing? and i dont mean complacency, but true contentment… where your positive energy elevates you to a place where the air is thin and the lack of oxygen gets you high on life….

my objective in life is to grasp the concept of two things. infinity and utopia. ultimately, to feel utopic till infinity.

how do i get there and where do i start is a question that i ask myself on the daily. is what i’m doing right now conducive to my goal? if it aint, it needs to go. thats one of the reasons why im trying to gave up cigarettes, cuz how the hellz am i supposed to enjoy infinity if i’m busy smoking cancer sticks right? hmm. i think i’m pretty badass in my aspirations to have it all, but does having it all necessarily mean finally being happy??

i’m a woman. and as women, are we ever satisfied? in my experience, NO. i guess my question is, when do i know when to stop pushing myself for a brighter tomorrow and start enjoying the sunshine today? when will today be my utopia?

sometimes i feel the need to unlearn the lies of the culture that surrounds me before its possible to learn the truth about my happiness in life… gah! i’m babbling. but i wanna say one last thing —
that pot of gold is within our reach, i know you can feel it.

p.s. is life sans cigarettes making me looney or WHAT?!


  1. Miss.Stefanie · March 17, 2009

    Im on the same boat as you mi amor!

  2. rio tapatio · March 17, 2009

    Utopia, you bring up a way interesting question. I think every day we find or discover puzzle pieces of our personal utopias. Things that make us smile, actions, all of those sorta things.

    You can have it all, but I think you may have to start piece by piece, and in doing that, it will lead to the overall idea of attaining YOUR DEFINITION of a utopia.

    Cuz everbodys is gonna be different.
    The female to my left may think it’s rollin in an lexus drippin in gucci with a broker for a husband, and the one to my right may think it’s all about..fckk idkk, cakes and self gratification, but thats those females, It’s not mine.

    It does seem like us females are always striving for more, which can work with us and against us.

    Good post misssss boss, on point like your norm 🙂

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