someone burn her thesaurus.

i am a blogger. which means, i am also a reader. i read hella blogs about hella shit in hella styles. personally, when i write, i write like i’m talking to my best friend. i know that’s not everyone’s style and i respect that. writing is an art and well.. “i’m an artist, and i’m sensitive about my shit”.

however, once in a while i will come across a blog where the author uses introspective, profound, 10 letter words, and her sentences are three lines long and theres semicolons and shit.. and thats FINE. but sometimes.. just sometimes.. it gets kinda irritating. like i have to read the sentence over again to understand it when it coulda just took 3 words and been straight to the point.
i was conversing (p.s. i loathe the word “conversate”) with my hayati Abi about it this morning

–“yes and almost all of the time it would sound and flow so much better if she
just said ‘it was awesome,’ or ‘it was amazing’ instead of ‘my head spills into
an infinity of ultimate horizons beckoning my ear to pitter patter amongst the
enlightening universe’… SHUT THE FUCK UP BITCH it was dope. nuff

do u like your truth to be raw and real, or eloquently construed? i like it both ways, but sometimes its just doin too much [hereafter referred to as DTM]. are we the only one who feels like this? tell me blog readers!


  1. krisYEE · March 20, 2009

    i don’t think i write like that, but if i ever do i’m counting on you as a friend to bitch me out about that! lol

  2. Clarissa Explains It All · March 20, 2009

    “my head spills into
    an infinity of ultimate horizons beckoning my ear to pitter patter amongst the enlightening universe”

    Rach, help! I really don’t know what that means! Is that poetry? Is it a novel? I don’t know….I’m confused. You’re right…burn that damn thesaurus!

  3. yoshi · March 20, 2009

    if i EVER write like this. please send me an IM saying “shut the fuck up jess.”

  4. Miss.Stefanie · March 20, 2009

    “”i’m an artist, and i’m sensitive about my shit”.”


    I write as if I am talking to a best friend too…nothing to hide and its raw..

  5. True Mimzee · March 21, 2009

    i write informal nd raw
    and sometimes ike im talking
    not even to my bestfriend
    but like to myself sometimes
    sometimes it makes sense nd other times it doesnt lol

    but i nvr do too much
    lmao . but
    it depends if im in a poetic mood
    but thats poetry
    never i my blog
    my blog i so improper
    and i dnt think i have defined sentences lol

    but i cn write very well and formal when i need to .

    i like people who write both ways
    i like picking up different styles.

  6. Lauren Calderon-Sandridge · March 22, 2009

    Can I just say that I love reading what you have to say. Hilarious! You say what I think when I read other people’s blogs. I try and write like Im talking to my friends and I love how you do to. Great Post

  7. Nikki Desuasido · March 22, 2009

    rachel! 🙂 haha you are hilarious.. i LOVED your other post about the feet and the small shoes.. haha.. anyway, its great! oh and let’s set a play date 🙂 or in other words: i would be thrilled if the two of our son’s could meet for the very first time and be introduced and get to know and play with each other and we can smile in awe of how cute they are and gawk on how we should do this more often. 😉 haha xoxo.

  8. Bern · March 27, 2009

    like i said. grease face. thinks she’s hella smart with her big words.

    F YOU Bitch. I got use extensive vocabulary in my vernacular.


  9. I am the Supreme Bitch · April 5, 2009

    Hahahahaha* Well agreed.

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