girls, girls, girls, girls, MY GIRLS I DO ADORE

alright. i’ve said NUMEROUS TIMES that i freakin adore the girls that i roll with. so i’m showin some love for their blogs cuz they are fuckin KICK ASS..

– my hayati, Abi. Girls are the New Boys
– my soulmate, Bern. Life on My Side
– my bully, Jess. Adventures of Yoshi
– my inspiration, Lawn. What The Hellz?!
– my start, Kris. Yee Bay
– my habibTEE, Tina. Back In Action
– my baby mama, Charrie. Be.Bella
– my awesome bitch, Stef. Curvaceous in the City

check em out. they’ll rock ur world.


  1. katrina · March 27, 2009

    lovely blogs!
    looking through them!:)


  2. Bern · March 27, 2009

    YOU KICK ASS my dear!

    <3 you soulmate

  3. Miss.Stefanie · March 27, 2009

    I youre awesome Bitch! Youre my awesome Bitch too!!

  4. kng · March 27, 2009

    yay habibteeeeeeee

  5. adventuresofyoshi · March 29, 2009


  6. adventuresofyoshi · March 31, 2009

    hold up – BULLY!!!?? HAHAHAHHAHA

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