hellz repost! hello los angeles!

did u guys see that ridiculous sale jet blue was having from San Francisco yesterday? they were selling flights from SF-NY and SF-LA for only $14 each way.

yeah, i said FOURTEEN DOLLARS. i almost had an aneurism reading the email as i frantically opened up my plans for this weekend (it was good thru april 8 only), and tried to find a sitter. lo and behold, being in a New York state of mind wasnt gonna happen for me cuz that shit sold out in the 17 minutes it took me to spread the word.

so i switched my plans to live and die in LA but, it seemed as if the cards were against me as my solid plans for saturday weren’t gonna let me make a tactful exit. so i said.. fuck it. aint no better reason to play hooky on a weekday than a sale on flights right? i booked a round trip ticket for under $50 (including taxes and fees) and could not be more excited for a fun-filled day of hooky in the city of angels.

that kogi truck better watch out cuz i got 12 hours to stalk it and i’m seriously trying to get my kim chee quesadilla on. lawn.. lunch? and just in case u dont believe me..



  1. Miss.Stefanie · April 3, 2009


  2. La Chrisitian · April 3, 2009

    I am sooo hating right now!!! wtf! please please please please put me on ur emailing list for ish like this!!! dang u stay gettin the good deals for flights! holla!

  3. BE.BELLA · April 3, 2009

    man! i should of hopped on that!!

  4. I am the Supreme Bitch · April 5, 2009

    OH SHIZZ, Cali here I come.
    Those prices are REDONK.

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