i have a lot of guy friends and one thing that i absolutely HATE hearing is, “how come girls always talk shit about each other?” and i hate to admit it, but its true. get a group of girls together and 9 times out of 10, they talkin shit about SOMEONE.. wether it be the ugly bitch in line at the club, the fat girl tryna get a drink outta one of the boys, or the fake beezy who was talkin mess behind ur back.

upon further contemplation, i’m sitting here wondering.. do girls really just hate each other? cuz it seems as if any girl that u dont just love, u seem to hate. and it doesnt matter how nice she is or how pretty she is or how bad ass she is…. her nose, her outfit, her boyfriend, her lipstick, her smile, her hair, her friends or her shoes..whatever it is… we’ll find SOMETHING to hate on.

am i right or am i right?

im tryin to figure it out. are we just secretly jealous of each other? do we need some sort of self-validation to keep our swag serious? i think it’s a little bit of both. i think engrained in our female DNA is a need to feel…. worthy. and while we may not be attention whores like *ahem* some people we know, we do like attention. we like compliments. we like being validated as a woman.
so when we feel as if some other chick encroaches on that, i think we immediately want to find something wrong with her, so as not to negate from our own self-image. thats why when we see that beautiful woman walkin out the bathroom with toilet paper stuck to her stilettos, we say nothing cuz it makes us that much more appealing than she is. thats why instead of helping the girl who got her shoe stuck in the grate, we point and laugh and proceed to ponder her reasoning on wearing open toe heels on a rainy night. thats why we look at every female from head to toe upon introduction so as to find something we don’t approve of and feel better about our own choice of outfit. thats why we dont attempt conversation with her until the third time we’ve met.
it sucks. but its the damn truth. i think the next time one of my guy friends asks me why females talk so much shit, i’m gonna ask him why they can never put the toilet seat down or why dirty socks always seem to end up next to the hamper and never inside the hamper… so cheers bitches! i’m sure ur haterade tastes just as good as mine. =)


  1. kng · April 6, 2009

    i can dig it.

  2. lifeonmyside · April 6, 2009

    damn. story of my life.


  3. Mouf.Peace · April 6, 2009

    i think first of all that there’s a difference between “talking shit,” “hating,” and “reiterating the facts.”

    when i “talk shit”, it’s usually totally impersonal and for laughs as fucked up as that may sound. for instance, flat ass bitch walks thru the spot like she’s the biniss: “whoah that broad got the LONGEST BACK!”

    i can HONESTLY say i’ve never hated on anybody. most likely because i’ve gotten hated on all my life. and of course when u get hated on its usually FOR NO REASON. the closest i’ll get is, “UGH fuck that pretty ass bitch!” but even then i know AND admit it’s because i really can’t find any reason to hate her. jealous? no. envious? maybe.

    and lastly, if a broad has a boyfriend and goes and fucks her best friends man and i say “what a backstabbing ho!” negra thats just REITERATING THE FACTS. don’t play lol.

    i think it’s natural for HUMANS to be competitive towards each other, men and women just have different ways of dealing with the same issues. i think what u say about other people ESPECIALLY ur “friends” directly reflects how u feel about urself. some girls are just plain catty which is why i only have a handful of them. but when u are lucky enough to find REAL GIRLS i swear they can be arroz caldo for the soul.

    i dunno i totally lost the point to this lmao and i’m kinda the wrong person to ask cuz when i see a pretty girl who gots steez and acts goofy I WANT HER TO BE MY FRIEND lol.

  4. Mouf.Peace · April 6, 2009

    o wait i found my point again. i think that “talking shit,” about ur friends is what separates the girls from the women. a real women would look at another women and not be jealous of them but ADMIRE them. and use that to motivate themselves not to be better than the other woman but just to be better a better individual PERIOD.

  5. Raaachem · April 6, 2009

    i agree that there is a difference between ‘talking shit’ and ‘speaking the truth’.. and although we as women take that difference to the heart when SPEAKING shit, its a whole different ballgame when HEARING it, no? cuz i gives a fuck if some bitch on the street thinks that my shoes are ugly for a fact… i still ask her “why u talkin shit?” and if u ask a man, its all shit. yeah?

    and just goes to show how mature and secure a woman is based on the shit she says bout someone she dont even know..

    and wtf was my point again?? FUCK abi ur rubbing off. maybe thats why we’re friends. hahahaha

  6. Mai · April 7, 2009

    …I think this is riiiiiidiculous lol.. No offense please, but I disagree. I think that it is unnatural for women to be such assholes to one another. I think it is natural to want and cultivate a loving community. I think we have been socialized to hate, dismantle and abuse one another…yes, abuse. Your bitchiness, back talk and all out rude behavior is abusive.

    It’s surface-oriented and pure insecurity to talk shit about folks over shallow materialistic b.s. I think you need to dive a little bit deeper. Not all women talk shit about one another…some women find it completely easy to give props where props are due and when you see something you don’t like or disagree with can turn your back or say and believe, “To each their muthafuckin own.”

    I don’t think you can have this conversation without talking about sexism, objectification, heterosexism and the portrayal of women in the media. It’s much deeper than I just wanna look better than someone cos I’m envious or that bitch stole my man…That shit really doesn’t matter…that’s all EGO.
    …get past it.

    By talking about folks…it doesn’t prove how secure you are it proves the exact opposite. Furthermore, I also think it is unnatural for folks to be so damn competitive over some shallow ass shit…shoes, clothes? REALLY? Get you priorities straight.

    With all this talk about utopia (yes, I read your blog and I think it’s filled with mad substance). I’d think that you wouldn’t just want it but would want to work for it…anything worth having you work at annually, yea?

    Being a good and worthy person is worthwhile…and if your integrity isn’t enough reason to think twice about your character…maybe karma is a bit of an incentive.

  7. yoshi · April 7, 2009

    oh yes and yes – talking shit vs the truth – i’m all about the truth, i just add a little bit of flare to it!

  8. yoshi · April 7, 2009


  9. RLV · April 16, 2009

    I just found my new favorite blog.

    Damn girl! This post is the truth!

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