Tour de FatGirl

what a day what a day. can i just say that going to la for lunch was the best. idea. ever. !!!! as lawn mentioned i was in socal for the day to EAT, EAT, and EAT some more… just wanted to share with u the spots i hit up on my “Tour de FatGirl, LA edition”

we hit up The Griddle on Sunset in which our waiter looked like a skinny josh hartnett. =) img_4516

that, my dear friends, is the “Creme de la Creme French Toast”.. graham cracker crusted, cheesecake topping, orgasm on a plate! seriously, whatever is in that cheesecake topping is crack! 6 mimosas later and i wanted to bathe in it.


Met with Lawn for lunch and had the BEST.BURGER.EVER. at the Golden State. and then said hi to everyone at the Hellz office.


p.s. after leaving the office we proceeded to stand there and gawk on the street as some random guy got arrested. apparently he tried to steal something? and regular people off the street stopped him until the police arrived. one guy even told him that if he ran, he’d let his pit bull loose on his ass! totally renewed my belief that people are good.. =)

my girl anna then twittered her ass away and found the kogi truck at santa monica college. after much anticipation, i decided on 2 short rib tacos, 1 spicy pork taco, and 4 short rib burritos (the burritos are for baon today).. i only have three words for this place. BELIEVE THE HYPE.



lastly, we topped it off with some pinkberry cuz even though they just opened one in the bay, it will always be so LA to me.


Tour de FatGirl 2009 was a success.. until next time LA.. my stomach shall be readyyy!!!!


  1. Miss.Stefanie · April 8, 2009

    aww next time you need to do it L.A original and do King Taco!!

  2. Mouf.Peace · April 8, 2009

    u said “me and anna” I SWEAR U DID lmao.

  3. Jelly · April 9, 2009

    OMG i love when you share your FOOD PLACES!!!

  4. krisYEE · April 9, 2009

    i have the same dress you’re wearing! except i haven’t worn it…the tag’s still on it too lol

  5. Anonymous · April 16, 2009

    HELL muthafukkin YEAH!!! I’m famous!!! I made it on one of your blogs! SI SE PEUDE!!!

    Kogi, I love you!

    ~anna [The Twat]

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