ever try and talk to someone and they seem to be allergic to conversation?

in a day and age where you’re more likely to know my aim screen name than my phone number, and u know what i’m doin cuz u follow me on twitter..when did friendships become so impersonal?

ever had a friend whom u text/email/chat with pretty frequently and when they actualy call ur cell phone its kind of… awkward?? or sometimes u can hold a 7 hour chat on gtalk, but when u finally have lunch u two aint got shit to say to each other… has quality conversation become extinct?

i am not exempt – there are just some people who’s frienships will always remain on aim or twitter or facebook cuz i could not see myself having a 2 hour convo about sunblock over coffee. however, the same convo on meebo while i’m at work is completely fair game.

and then there are the socially retarded.. the verbally constipated.. the people in ur life where you have to pull teeth to get more than a one word answer out of. sometimes it feels as if ur talking to a TREE. or a rock. whatever inanimate object you prefer. but u know they’re fun. u’ve seen it! or maybe it was just the libations talking but u could have sworn she was fuckin hilarious the other night when now all she types back is “hahaha” when what you typed wasnt even supposed to be funny. WTF is that shit?

i think i’m addicted to conversing. and when i come accross people like this i think either 1) shit, they have no personality or 2) am i just that boring to talk to? and i really hope its not either cuz i’d like to believe that everyone is fun and interesting, myself included.

so please, take a laxitive cuz the verbal constipation is no bueno. i’m sure we can find SOMETHING interresting to talk about. u may be allergic to conversation but i am allergic to boring. (and ugly, but thats a whole nother blog)

p.s. “this livin is so magnificent. stop dreamin it. oh..” – j. legend. happy friday, yo!


  1. suckafreerey · April 10, 2009

    You ain’t never lied. This is So true.

    Ps. As cliché as it may sound that song is magnificent.

  2. gailey · April 11, 2009

    We don’t like BGs (boring girls/guys)!!!!

    but, i do feel you… sometimes i feel ya on whole are they are snore or am I the boring one here?!

  3. lifeonmyside · April 13, 2009

    it’s funny. the more gadgets, the more tools, the more network sites that pop up that claim to make us more “connected” to one another, i realize the less connected we become.

    cuz forreal… when was the last time you got a letter in the mail?

    you know. that ancient thing with a stamp..? yea. that one. haha

  4. NicoleMaire · July 24, 2009

    haha this shit is so true. fuckin verbal constipation. ive experienced it, i hate having to ‘pull teeth’ and get some BS 1 word answer. its like helllooo cant you see im trying. contribute. try along with me.

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