when boredom strikes.

hayati and i have decided that today is most boring tuesday ever. like.. EVER.

so what do u do when u’ve done ur daily routine and are still bored? like seriously, uve done EVERYTHING!
– gone through all our internet bookmarks.. TWICE
– exhausted myspace, facebook, twitter, and every other social network.
– blogged about bullshit cuz there aint no interesting news…
– made fun of uglies which is already old news..
– everyone on the buddy list is busy.. or working.. or playing hooky and is too occupied having fun to talk to ur “bored @ work” ass.
– even talking to a tree or rock would make today a lil more interesting but they are also unavailable or just ignoring u..
– job hunting [cuz im tired of this place] is slim pickins
– updated vacation itineraries
– updated ipod playlists
– looked at pictures from the weekend 3 times
– shopped online but couldnt really cuz my ass is brizzoke.
– my ass actually worked too. not even pretended to work, but ACTUALLY worked.

……………and then look at the clock and realize that its still only 230 and you aint got shit to do.

count sheep? pick lint out ur pocket? balance checkbook? clean purse???? and no, i dont wanna do a survey or anything of the sort cuz that shit is just gay.

someone help us. cuz we are dying.


  1. Mouf.Peace · April 21, 2009

    LMAO. u love me u really do. gaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah only 3 o’clock.

  2. Miss.Stefanie · April 21, 2009


    Hahahah keeps me entertained when I aint got shit to do!

  3. krisYEE · April 23, 2009

    that’s what twilight’s for!

  4. gailey · April 25, 2009

    HAHAHA…. I’d rather be bored with you marys than get my wisdoms out ANY DAY! haha

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