mundane monday.

after a long conversation today about the usual monday bullshit, my friend and i somehow managed to talk about highschool. the guys we used to date, the clothes we used to wear, and how some people just refuse to grow up.

and then i started thinking… u know how one second ur on someone’s jock and the next time u see them they’re either FAT or RETARDED or HUNCHBACK or BUCKTOOTH and ur like, “wtf happened to you”? and yet they still walk around like they able to pull bitches like its nothin?

for example, i’m friends with my first boyfriend’s ex girlfriend (that make sense?) and one day after taking a trip down memory lane she asked me, “HOW THE HELL DID HE PULL US, RACHEL?” and i swear i had no answer.

and THEN i thought about the flip side. how some people used to be fat, or ugly, or pimply, or too skinny, and then all of a sudden u see them again and they FINE AS FUCK. like HOT DAMN where the fuck u been hiding alla that?

and bless their souls cuz they still walkin around with their head down and no self esteem cuz they grew up being teased and shit…..

……………. lijdlkfdlciugalwkerm,nslidhf3…………….

and fuck my life, this blog has no point. or maybe it did but fuckin MONDAY stole it along with my brain cells. ARRRGHHHH i can’t fuckin FOCUS!

and i really should draft this blog, but instead i will publish it just to show you how stupid i am. just another manic monday. wish it was sunday. thats my fun day.

Score: Me – 0, Mondays – 546275  (just fuckin wait till next monday when i’m OFF. just fuckin waiiiittt)


  1. lifeonmyside · May 18, 2009

    soulmate. HILARIOUS. earthworm status!!

    shh, our little secret!

  2. rio · May 19, 2009

    haha you bring up a good point though. Those that were the ‘shit’ in HS,, they just didn’t believe that there was a bigger life outta HS and that after hs is when reality hits. haha.

    thats why the popular bitchy girls get pregnant and the jocks get beer guts. LMAO.

    i hate mondays too. ❤

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