i be a bored fuck at work. so i’m on fb on my phone and i’m browsing thru status updates and one of em slapped me in the face…

“why do girls hang out with girls they dont like?”

omg. and it was on a guy’s profile. LOL.  there are soooo many answers to this question.

she’s cool. just not my cup of tea. just cuz we dont like a specific thing about a girl, doesnt mean we dont like her as a whole. for example… this girl i know loves to borrow everything under the sun, and it annoys the bejeezus outta me, but that doesnt stop me from choppin it up with her when i see her. and so long as she doesnt ask to borrow another pair of my shoes, we good!

benefit of the doubt.  girls love to chismiss but not necessarily pass judgement.  i hear shit bout girls i dont even know but i always want to come to my own conclusion about their character.  so even if i hear that she’s a backstabbing two-faced whore, i’ll probably give her the benefit of the doubt and attempt to get the know the girl.  cuz what if she’s nothing like that?   then i missed out on knowing an amazing person.   and just to clarify, just cuz my friend dont like her, doesnt automatically mean that i dont like her by association.  

sometimes, we just can’t get away.  so.. ok.   we dont like the bitch.  we’ve already established that we dont click.  but, shes really good friends with one of our good friends and she’s bound to be at the same events.   and since i aint the type of girl to start shit when its not appropriate, i bite my tongue and try our best to be cordial..  i say hi, i smile politely.  but does this mean i wanna be bff’s?  NO. 

who said i didnt like her?  guys are always thinkin that we automatically dont like anyone with a vagina.   and yeah we may give her the side eye upon meeting her but thats only cuz we a hater but im pretty sure that unless i come out and SAY that i dont like somebody, i dont automatically NOT like them.   c’mon guys.  give me a break. 

and i could go on and on but i’ve already lost my train of thought and i’m gonna let u guys give me more answers.  JESS?  i know ur dying to share.  hahaha…


  1. yoshi · May 20, 2009


    1) because we need to keep an eye out on the caddiest bitches out there – so keep em close, you never know when you can use them…

    2) total vanity. its so great to hang out with someone you don’t like, especially if you know you look better than them =)

    3) fuck a homewrecker – if this bitch seems like someone who could steal your man away, best believe that i’ma become their best friend and rub it in her face that MY man loves me and she can never compare (i’m a jealous jealous person) not only that, but JUST in case my man’s eyes begin to wander, i know he wouldn’t stoop to the level of trying to holler at my new “friend”

    4) i have more but i can’t think of them right now

    • Raaachem · May 20, 2009

      omg # 2. THE TRUTH! and especially if she’s a total confidence booster! just dont try and jack the swagga cuz then all hell will break loose. LMAO.

  2. doowaditty · May 20, 2009

    1) i hate u rachel brito for making me write my stupid comment again.

    2) cup of tea – u already know how i feel. prime example “the party friend,” good for partying cuz she’s always down to take that last shot and since she’s not ugly she makes a nice lil addition when u neck break through the club but to carry on a conversation with her for more than 30 mins would be self loathing.

    3) benefit – yes, cuz if everything was true i’d be a ho when really, i can count on 1 fucking hand, AND i had a dry spell for almost 2 years. and if everything was true u’d be a bitch! no wait. u are. lmao. but ur my bitch!!!!

  3. ihopizelli · May 21, 2009

    hola rach! how’s it goin lady!

    my feedback is simple- i don’t hang out with girls! hahahaha. =)

  4. LC · May 21, 2009

    So ok. I was just thinking about this same exact topic the other day!! All of your reasons are so valid. And honestly dudes really need to stop thinking we hate eachother. Cuz thats not even true! How does he think we have BFF’s?? A lot of the times I will hang with someone because they are in my same circle of friends. We say hi and bye. The end. Best believe I am not tryna hit a one on one sushi dinner. Honestly, despite what people think, I believe girls have more class than most people think. We smile and keep the drama level to a minimum…or is that another way of saying fake…lol. Newho. I’m on a rant bored outta my mind at work. Rachh…I think you should do a piece on the single life…your expierences, how you found TMOD (the man of your dreams) etc. Cuz I’m single and I swear there are only losers in LA. Neways holler!

    • Raaachem · May 24, 2009

      LC, post on my single life is coming right up!!!!

      • La Christian · May 25, 2009

        You are the bomb like tick tick!!!

  5. Sue · May 27, 2009

    “Like” button

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